Meghan Markle
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Okay, so this might be one way to guess the gender of a royal baby. Their nursery décor. But we don't know how that will help as colours don't generally mean it could be one gender or the other. But that's all we have to go on for now.

There probably won't be any over-the-top reveal party to announce the sex of her baby because that's probably against royal protocol and apparently her chosen nursery decor is giving major hints, so she doesn't need to.

According to royal correspondent Katie Nicholl, Meghan and Prince Harry's baby will be chillin' in a room that's a little different than what you'd expect. Instead of decorating everything in blue or pink, they opted for more toned down shades.

Meghan Markle
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Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight, "According to sources who are helping with [their new home] renovations, the nursery itself is going to be very modern. Don't expect to see any baby pink or baby blue. Apparently, it's going to be a monochrome palette—whites and grays, I'm told, will be the colour theme for baby Sussex's nursery."

And apparently, Harry and Meghan chose the colours for a very good reason, which has everything to do with the sex of their baby.

Nicholl said, "They've decided not to find out the sex." So as most people who don't want to know if their baby will have XY (male) or XX (female) chromosomes do, they opted for neutral tones. Something tells me yellow was never on the table for these parents. Meghan did reveal her due date though, she told a group of fans that she was due sometime in April. We have to say that we can hardly wait.