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Okay, so has Meghan Markle's inner circle finally been identified?

Reportedly fans have gone wild after Serena Williams appeared to confirm she was one of the anonymous friends who had spoken out in support of Meghan Markle.

Apparently, the American tennis star shared a picture of herself on Twitter sipping a cup of tea just hours after the Duchess of Sussex's "inner circle" broke their silence in a new interview  - and her 10.9 million fans are certain she was revealing her involvement in the piece.

Now, it is known that Serena Williams and Meghan Markle are good friends, the sports star was also seen at the Royal wedding, along with the cast of Suits. Meghan's co-stars on Suits were also part of the inner circle, now that could be anyone from Patrick J. Adams to Sarah Rafferty but our money is on Sarah.

Serena Williams
Serena Williams bids to equal Margaret Court's Grand Slam record on Saturday.Reuters

Reportedly shortly after five women "close" to Meghan, spoke out in her defence about the "lies and untruths" surrounding the royal in an interview with People - where one close pal also said "she made tea every day" when they visited her at Kensington Palace - the 37-year-old sportswoman shared a cryptic post.

Apparently, Serena can be seen sipping, somewhat regally, from a white tea cup and glancing elegantly away from the camera - in a shot that is also reminiscent of one taken of the pregnant Duchess enjoying a cuppa at an engagement recently.

Reportedly the "friends" have not been named to "protect" their private relationship with Meghan, many of Serena's followers believe she has dropped a very heavy hint she is one of them.

But after that post, we have to wonder if Serena really is one of Meghan's inner circle. It certainly looks that way. You can check out the post here: