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Meghan Markle went on the offensive against the press by filing a lawsuit against an outlet for publishing a letter the Duchess of Sussex had written to her father.

Reportedly, Meghan Markle's estranged father has told how he kept her controversial letter secret for six months, never intending to make it public. But he felt he was forced to release some of its details when her friends 'misrepresented' its contents to an American magazine.

Thomas Markle received the handwritten five-page missive via FedEx from Meghan's Los Angeles business manager Andrew Meyer in August of last year. Deeply hurt, he vowed to keep it private.

This revelation puts a dent in the self-righteousness of Meghan Markle's lawsuit against the press. Apparently, the letter would have remained a secret had its existence not been revealed by an unnamed 'long-time friend' of Meghan's in a glowing article in America's People magazine about the Duchess. 

Meghan Markle
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Thomas Markle opened up for the first time since his daughter issued her writ against this newspaper for publishing parts of the letter. He said: 'I decided to release parts of the letter because of the article from Meghan's friends in People magazine. I have to defend myself. I only released parts of the letter because other parts were so painful. The letter didn't seem loving to me. I found it hurtful.'

He previously told the publication: 'The letter was presented in a way that vilified me and wasn't true. It was presented as her reaching out and writing a loving letter in the hope of healing the rift, but the letter isn't like that at all. I have the right to defend myself.'

Meghan Markle's indignation could be premature after all. We hope that the Royal couple is able to come to an amicable understanding with the press now that her father has come forward with this new information.