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Meghan Markle seems to have had enough. The Duchess of Sussex has previously alienated the press in favour of her privacy, the move won her no fans, especially in the media. And now, it looks like Meghan is taking things further and we have to say a little too far.

Reportedly, Meghan Markle has taken the unusual decision to sue the publisher of the Mail after the newspaper published a handwritten letter she had sent to her estranged father. The decision came as Prince Harry launched an extraordinary and highly personal attack on the British tabloid press and its treatment of his wife, saying he could no longer be a "silent witness to her private suffering".

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex sure seem to have taken their gloves off, but this may not be a battle they can win. Not only will they be attacking the freedom of the press, but they will also be reducing Royal stature to that of mere B-list celebrities. Criticism of Meghan Markle has not abated since she joined the Royal Family, and her actions have not supported a reversal of the criticism either.

The fact that Prince Harry is going along with it could spell trouble for the Royal Palace. A public accusation is never a good look. And even if the Palace was to succeed in their suit, they would invariably lose public support. 

Meghan Markle
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Emphasising his respect for the importance of "objective, truthful reporting", he accused parts of the media of "waging campaigns against individuals with no thought to the consequences" and compared the treatment of Meghan to coverage of his mother, Princess Diana.

The duke said his "deepest fear is history repeating itself". He wrote: "There comes a point when the only thing to do is to stand up to this behaviour, because it destroys people and destroys lives. Put simply, it is bullying, which scares and silences people. We all know this isn't acceptable, at any level. We won't and can't believe in a world where there is no accountability for this.

"Though this action may not be the safe one, it is the right one ... I've seen what happens when someone I love is commoditised to the point that they are no longer treated or seen as a real person.....I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces."

The press is an easy target for Harry and Meghan, but the media is not his enemy. The Royal couple can control the narrative, tell their side of the story, connect to the British people, if only they choose to. They place a higher premium on their privacy. And get litigious when the media does their job. In an era of democracy. This is not how a monarchy should act. We hope that Meghan and Harry are able to reach an understanding with the press.