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Meghan Markle already went through a heap of criticism for her decision to keep her pregnancy as well as her delivery private from the Press and the public. And then she refused to pose for pictures on hospital steps further alienating the Press. And now it looks like, she is going all the way and may end up making an enemy out of the press and the public by holding the christening of her baby in private.

For any other mother, this would be a reasonable request, but Meghan Markle is not any mother, she is the Duchess of Sussex, a Royal. And she needs to have the media in her corner. Duncan Larcombe, a former Royal Editor at The Sun, claimed Meghan and Prince Harry were suffering PR disasters "week in week out."

He told Good Morning Britain: "My personal concern with Harry, as I say, I have known him since he was a teenager.....I think he is a fantastic guy. When you see these PR disasters, week in week out, which we have increasingly seen in the past few months.....I worry for Harry because I think he deserves to be incredibly popular, so does Meghan." 

Meghan Markle Prince Harry
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during an official photocall to announce their engagementChris Jackson/Getty Images

Royal observers are criticizing Prince Harry for going along with Meghan Markle as well as his apparent hypocrisy. Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan stepped in, claiming the Duke of Sussex "doesn't think through the potential suggestion of hypocrisy" when making decisions. He said that Prince Harry makes big claims about doing more to battle climate change and then flies off to Birmingham in his helicopter which is a two-hour car ride away.

Prince Harry has also been defending the exorbitant cost of renovating Frogmore Cottage. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may need to speak with their actions rather than their words if they need to be accepted by the press and the people. You can check out the video here: