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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are proud parents to baby Archie Harrison. But everything might not be fine for long.

Reportedly Prince Harry has been warned he is "in danger" of shutting out the press after Buckingham Palace delayed reporting Meghan Markle was in Labour by seven hours after she had given birth, and royal commentator Duncan Larcombe warned the Palace "cannot issue lies."

Secrecy from the press has been a bone of contention between the media and the Royal couple. Meghan Markle even went as far as to notoriously break tradition and refused to pose for photos on hospital steps after the birth of her child. And there was so much secrecy surrounding the birth of baby Archie that even senior Royals were kept in the dark when Meghan went into labour.

Speaking on Yahoo's the Royal Box, he said: "I think with the press that Harry probably doesn't ever like the press. But I think there is a danger that by shutting them out time and time again."

Now, the expert may be right on the dangers of alienating the press, especially when it looks like Meghan may not have many fans in the Royal Palace. 

Meghan Markle
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"We saw it in the wedding in comparison to William and Kate, we have seen it again with this royal birth. And then there was the email announcing that she had gone into labour and it turned out seven hours earlier the baby had been born.....The Palace cannot issue lies, they cannot do that," Larcombe added.

Meghan Markle had opted for a homebirth since she wanted privacy, but the plans were abandoned once she went into labour. But it does look like the Royal couple is trying to mend fences with the press. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry introduced baby Archie to the world in adorable snaps. Meghan Markle might be opening up to the press, but it looks like she might have to be a little more transparent going forward. You can check out the video here: