Meghan Markle
Meghan MarkleGetty Images

Seems like Meghan Markle has no respite in the world of social media too. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex who recently joined the gram and garnered more than 4 million followers just made a mistake, which they had to change and that has left Meghan red-faced.

The mistake was pointed out by royal blogger, Gert's Royals. The royal commentator took to Twitter and wrote, "Sussex Royal deleted their original post and made an almost identical one. They removed the repetitive last line and swapped the photo of the quote as the original photo they had posted did not include the full quote."

The first photo that the couple had uploaded had graffiti mural of former South African President, Nelson Mandela's face alongside a quote from his famous autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom. The royal's decided to upload another photo, this time focusing more on the quote than having Mandela's face, which they cropped it.

"I assume the change was to include the full quote, not to crop the picture of Nelson Mandela out in particular," the blogger said on Twitter. The Sussex royal Instagram account was made for their fans so that they can wish their first child.

The post in contention had the following caption to it, "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are so grateful for the good wishes in anticipation of their first born. Today we introduce you to one of four charities the couple has asked that you consider supporting in lieu of sending gifts."

Royal Fans have been obsessed with the new social media account, and they have already broken the record for garnering most number of followers in a very short span of time. The Sussex's plan to use the account as a way of directly contacting their followers after they formally divided their royal household from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.