Meghan Markle
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Meghan Markle just can seem to put her family drama behind her. And now there are apparently reports that there is friction between her and Priyanka Chopra as well. The young Duchess sure can't seem to catch a break.

Reportedly Samantha Markle will speak out about Meghan's long-running feud with her family in a Channel 5 programme. In the bombshell interview, Samantha reportedly accuses Meghan of being "heartless" for her treatment of their father Thomas Markle.

It is being reported that speaking in the documentary, Samantha says: "She doesn't have a heart or she would have been doing everything she could to make him comfortable and reciprocate and be loving and gracious and make sure he's comfortable in his old age.

"So broken heart? No, his heart is broken. She can't turn herself into the victim here."

She also tells the show: "I pointed out that humanitarians don't treat their father coldly, was that a lie, no, because the world watched it happen to my dad and the world watched her do it."

The accusations come after Meghan told her father he had broken her heart "into a million pieces" in a letter he shared earlier this month.

Meghan Markle
Meghan MarkleGetty Images

It was reported earlier that in the note, Meghan added she "crumbled inside" when her father sided with Samantha as she "silently suffered at the hand of her vicious lies".

But apparently, Thomas said the letter from his estranged daughter, penned last year, left him feeling "devastated".

He told the Daily Mail: "I thought it would be an olive branch. Instead, it was a dagger to the heart."

We hope Meghan is able to put all of this family drama behind her.