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Meghan Markle seems to be dealing with a lot lately and she has surprisingly taken everything that came with being the Duchess of Sussex in stride.

But even the Duchess of Sussex has her limits apparently. Meghan apparently broke into tears after she heard that her estranged half-sister was writing a book about her according to

Reportedly the Duchess of Sussex, who is around seven months pregnant, was upset because she felt she was being 'taken advantage of', according to a close friend with knowledge of the situation.

Apparently, earlier this month, she announced she would be writing a second book which, like the first, will be called, 'In the Shadows of the Duchess'.

Meghan Markle
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The first instalment is apparently slated for publication in April – around the time that Meghan, 37, is expected to give birth – and will, Samantha said in a recent interview with the Daily Star, 'cover everything from behind the scenes that the world does not know about.'

Meghan has told friends that she stopped reading interviews with members of her family after finding out about the first book two years ago and tries not to look at gossip about herself.

'She stopped reading things after finding out about her sister's book,' the friend told 'She cried when she found out about it.'

Meghan seems to be trying hard to fit into her role as the Duchess of Sussex, but it seems like every move of hers is open to criticism. Recently she was criticized for reaching out to sex workers, and she has also been accused of faking her pregnancy. But Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also seem to be in love and they seem to be weathering the scrutiny like a Royal couple is expected to.