Mumbai earthquake
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Frank Hoogerbeets is a self-proclaimed earthquake researcher who has been predicting seismic activities using a self-made advanced system over the past few years. Even though experts have dismissed his predictions, several quakes have surprisingly hit the planet in the timeline speculated by Hoogerbeets more than thrice in the past. Now, Hoogerbeets has astonishingly claimed that an earthquake measuring 7.5 in the Richter scale could hit the planet either today or tomorrow.

As per Hoogerbeets, a critical lunar geometry combined with a rare planetary alignment which began on April 16 is the root cause of this rise in seismic activities.

"Critical lunar geometry on the 16th in combination with two planetary alignments on the 17th could trigger large seismic activity from the 16th to the 19th, possibly over 7.5 magnitudes and in a worst-case scenario over 8 magnitudes. The situation is similar to that of 20-23 January 2018. BE ON WATCH, just in case," wrote Hoogerbeets on his website Ditrianum.

However, Hoogerbeets failed to predict the area in which the earthquake is going to hit. It should be noted that an earthquake measuring 7.5 in the Richter scale can be considered very powerful, and it will bring dreaded catastrophe in the area affected. 

Hoogerbeets, on his website, reveals that he is using an advanced system called Solar System Geometry Index (SSGI) to predict potential earthquakes which will happen in the future. The researcher believes that critical planetary geometries have a direct impact in destabilizing tectonic plates on Earth, and this is the reason behind a rise in seismic activities.

A few weeks back, Frank Hoogerbeets had predicted that powerful quakes will jolt the planet during the final days of March. Interestingly, in the same timeline predicted by Hoogerbeets, a powerful tremor measuring 5.3 in the Richter scale hit Greece on March 30. As the predictions made by Hoogerbeets became correct, several people claimed that the words of the researcher are authentic, and his predictions using SSGI are trustworthy.

We should wait and see to know whether the predictions made by Hoogerbeets will turn true this time.