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After Avengers: Endgame, Marvel has some wonderful plans for the next phase. There are several amazing movies lined-up but fans from around the world are now excited to see the very first Asian superhero to enter the Marvel world — let's meet Shang-Chi.

As per the recent update by Deadline, Marvel Studios has hired Destin Daniel Cretton to direct a movie about Kung Fu master and superhero Shang-Chi. The upcoming superhero movie would be the first Asian-led superhero movie in the MCU. The Hawaii-born director is famous for movies like Short Term 12 and The Glass Castle. His Jamie Foxx-starrer Just Mercy is slated to release in 2020.

Here Marvel's goal is to make Shang-Chi there next Black Panther and hire a lot of Asian-American artists in it. As we all know, with Black Panther, Marvel touched those corners which ultimately gave them an Oscars nomination.

In Marvel Comics, Shang-Chi is a fictional character who is often referred to as the Master of Kung Fu. Shang-Chi first appeared in 1973 and was created by Jim Starlin and Steve Englehart. In Chinese, Shang-Chi literally means Rising of the Spirit and the characters possess an extraordinary master of numerous unarmed and weaponry-based wushu styles that includes Jian, gun, and nunchaku. Not only this, after he joins the Avengers, yes, he will be seen in future Avenger movies, he gains the power to create countless duplicates of himself — just like Doctor Strange did in Avengers: Infinity War.

After Marvel Studios' deal with Paramount Pictures in 2006, Shang-Chi was chosen as one of those characters who will get his stand-alone movie before he will join the Avengers in full capacity. The talks of making the full-length feature movie started back in 2018 when Marvel hired David Callaham to write the screenplay for a Shang-Chi movie.

David Callaham is famous for writing the screenplay of The Expendables movie series. Callaham is also hired by DC Films to write the screenplay of the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 movie.

Deadline further noted that Shang-Chi's movie script will modernize the hero to avoid the stereotypes. Considering the timeline, it looks like Shang-Chi will appear in the post-Thanos' world and after Captain America and Tony Stark's death, maybe he will be the one who will reunite all the superheroes.