Kirill Tereshin - Russian Popeye
Kirill Tereshin - Russian PopeyeInstagram/ Kirill Tereshin

A 21-year-old Russian man is trying to become Popeye the Sailor by making bulging arms like the comic character.

Kirill Tereshin, who is from Pyatigorsk in southwestern Russia's Stavropol Krai region, has undergone a bizarre experiment to boost his muscles. The former soldier has been using a homemade enhancement oil to develop the bulging arms, Daily Mail reported.

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As a result, Tereshin might have to face arm amputation as per doctors' warnings if he does not stop doing so. But the 21-year-old plans to continue using the muscle enhancer until he achieves his goal.

But recently he took to Instagram to share that his "bazooka arms are about to fall off."

Many must be wondering about this secret muscle enhancer. But Tereshin has shared the ingredients as well.

Пока вы учите историю, я создаю свою

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What is this Synthol muscle-enhancer?

It is made up of 85 percent oil, 7.5 percent lidocaine, and 7.5 percent alcohol. And, Tereshin added that he uses olive oil, lidocaine and benzyl alcohol to make it perfect.

He has also revealed his daily dosage saying he already injected himself six litres of this 'dangerous' enhancement oil.

"For about a month, I was making up to ten injections into each arm every day, using a 20 ml syringe," Tereshin said.

"If I had used real Synthol, it would have cost me about 400,000 roubles (£5,000), but as I made it myself, I spent only about 4,000 roubles (£50 pounds). I did not feel any discomfort in my arms when I was doing it as my body got used to it."

He started documenting his experiences on Instagram from the beginning. "Within a month I got 106,000 subscribers in my Instagram. I love to be recognisable," he said.

Иногда бывают вот такие отеки, теперь все норм, не волнуйтесь)

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Till date, the size of his biceps has changed to 23 inches. But he reportedly said that he would stop only after it becomes 27 inches.

Besides this, he is also planning to 'improve' his back, chest and shoulders.

As noted by several doctors, this biceps transformation by homemade enhancer might put him at the risk of paralysis.

Russian doctor-professor Evgeny Lilin said: "Not immediately but he very likely faces amputation in the future. One day abscesses will develop, then inflammation and he (will be at risk of) a stroke.

"The bad thing is that already-injected Synthol or its equivalent will remain in his muscles for the next five to seven years, even if he stops adding more now."

Tereshin's Instagram account, which has more than 60k followers, is filled with many disturbing images of his biceps. Some of them show that his bulging biceps are completely red because of the harmful liquid.

According to another doctor, "Inside the arms of this man, there are already pathologically changed tissues that look like jelly with insertions. They are aseptic or inflammatory so far but these are abscesses.

"They consist either of oil or blood from the damaged vessels. They can't be removed."

However, the freakish bodybuilder is likely to continue the procedure in the hope of getting more than one million subscribers on Instagram.