Jacobinte Swargarajyam: Gregory Jacob and his family
Gregory Jacob and his familySagarin Elza George/Facebook

Malayalam actor Nivin Pauly is back as the ruler of the Kerala box office with his latest movie "Jacobinte Swargarajyam" (JSR). Directed by Vineeth Sreenivasan, the film has been getting stupendous reviews from the audience.

"JSR" has inspired thousands of movie-goers, who have been appreciating the makers for narrating the real-life story of an NRI businessman Jacob Zacharaiah, his wife and four children. Jacob, who was leading a happy life in Dubai, was cheated by one of his partners, following which the family gets burdened with a lot of debt. Later, his son Gregory Jacob and wife Sherly struggled hard to bring the family back to normal life. The other children of Jacob and Sherly are Basil Jacob, Merlin Elizabeth Jacob and Chris Jacob.

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The real life hero Gregory now heads the electro-mechanical contracting company Centour, established in 1991 in Dubai. He also heads the event planning company Phase II Events LLC. His wife Sagarin Elza George is currently preparing to take up Master of Dental Surgery.

"Thambi Aliya .. I have been trying to write something for you since yesterday .. But my words and my joy cannot be contained .. It is such a blessing that we have been able to positively impact soooo many people around us .. Thank you for everything and for this valuable bond of friendship .. Love you guys always ..Vineeth Sreenivasan & Divya Vineeth," Gregory Jacob‎ posted on his Facebook page after the release of "JSR".

Meanwhile, Jacob's second son Basil is also into the family business and is planning to get married to Linda Elsa Varghese in Jan. 2017. Merlin has completed her MBBS course, while Chris is currently studying in ninth grade.

In the movie "Jacobinte Swargarajyam," Renji Panicker plays the NRI businessman and Nivin Pauly plays his son Jerry. Actress Lakshmy Ramakrishnan is seen as Nivin's strong mother Sherly, and Sreenath Bhasi, Aima Rosmy Sebastian and Stacen are seen as the other children in the family. Reba John plays Nivin's love interest Chippy in the movie.

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