Dilawar Singh

Dilawar Singh is an inspiration to people who want to take risks in life and grow as an entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of OmegaPro which is helping people with trading with the help of an AI (Artificial intelligence). His journey is not ordinary as he started from something he was fond of and eventually walked on the path of passion and financial security.

When he started his professional life, he worked as a sports trainer in Hamburg. As a sports trainer, he changed the lives of many aspiring sportspersons with his training sessions and guidance. But it would take a lot of his time as he had to travel to different places. This gave him less time to be with his family and friends. That's when he decided to build his own empire.

When he started his company, he knew what his goals were. However, the initial journey was challenging as there were a lot of changes happening in the trading industry. But with his knowledge of forex trading, he decided to keep going. All the hard work paid off eventually as currently, his venture provides services in more than 100 countries, he says.

He also says that he started his company to deliver a reliable world-class trading experience to all the clients. The reason for his company's success, he says, is its technological advancements. They provide clients with a varying range of trading products and higher returns, the company claims.

About his journey as an entrepreneur, he says that sometimes, maintaining consistency is not easy when you are at the peak of the career. Entrepreneurship may sound promising but there are unspoken challenges a person has to tackle. He also shares how he maintained his consistency to seek progress. The entrepreneur shares, "I wake up every morning at 6 in the morning and my day ends at 10 pm in the night. Sometimes, my family is also away. However, life is about risks and challenges and making the most out of it. If I want something big, I have to learn to create a balance. I don't mind giving my 5 years of enjoyment by working hard rather than slogging for a lifetime."

Despite being successful in life with a company to handle, he now balances an equal amount of time for his family and himself too. He believes in a healthy work-life balance. He also loves travelling and working out as it allows him to relax and mould his creativity along with helping him to perform at his best level. He says, "I have travelled a lot and explored different cultural experiences and destinations. I enjoy sports and my high-intensity fitness sessions. All of this helps me to connect to the faith of being a team player and being there for others in times of need."