From the past two days, netizens can't stop grooving to Yashraj Mukahte's brand new musical, quirky version of 'Pawri Ho rahi hai.' But what is Pawri ho Rahi Hai, all about? From where did the trend begin.?

Yashraj Mukhate

 Here's everything you need to know about the Pawri trend

Do you know who the original creator of this content is?

Pakistani content creator Dananeer

The trend began after a video of Pakistani influencer and content creator Dananeer having fun with her friends went viral. In the clip, she was heard saying: "Yeh humari car hai, Yeh hum hain, aur yeh humari pawri ho rahi hai (This is our car, this is us, and this is our party going on).

Watch the video here:

The girl seen in the viral video is a well known Pakistani influencer, and content creator Dananeer also called Geena. The young artiste who hails from Peshawar and resides in Islamabad often takes to social media to mimic and poke fun at the 'burgers'.

In case you are wondering what burgers mean, it is 'an elite class of Pakistanis who predominantly have adopted Urdu as their mother tongue. 

The video, originally posted on Dananeer's Instagram profile earlier this week crossed 1 million views and took social media by storm and is now breaking the internet. 

From last 48 hours, the trend has caught up in India after well known Mumbai based content creator Yashraj Mukhate gave a quirky twist to the clip.

Check out Danaeer's IG post and stories.

Let's take a look at some of the memes that have gone viral on social media.

Yashraj's musical twist 

Yashraj Mukate took to social media to share yet another rendition, and this time, he chose a unique way to entertain his fans and followers.

Yashraj took to social media, shared his version of pawri, and captioned the video as "Aajse me party nahi karunga Sirf pawri karunga. Kyuki party karneme wo mazaa nahi jo pawri karneme hai."

Which translates to, (From today I will not party, I will pawri, there is more fun in pawri than a party!

Yashraj thanked all the people who DMed (personal message ) him and requested him to create a quirky rap on Dananeer's video.

(Thanks @saudchaudary and all the people who sent me this video in the DM)

Lastly, he gave a big shoutout to the content creator.

And a big shoutout to the pawri girl @dananeerr.

It's just 5 hours, and Yashraj's pawri version has garnered a humungous response. From influencers, Instagrammers, celebs everyone is virtually enjoying the party on social media.

And why not, it's so much fun to pawri than a party!

Let's look at the fans and celebs comments on his video.

Dananeer thanks Yashraj and says NEW FAV 'PAWRI' ANTHEM! You took this pawri to another level."