Rajdeepsinh Ribda
Rajdeepsinh RibdaPR Handout

Hailing from one of the most Influential Royal Rajputana families in Rajkot, Rajdeepsinh Ribda is a well-known personality among the youth and influencing more than a million people of Gujarat through his massive Instagram following.

He has great taste in cars and owns many luxurious four-wheelers at just 21, ranging from Mustang, Range Rover, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Wrangler, Audi and many more. He is also many a times seen with Bollywood celebrities.

Rajdeepsinh holds all his car numbers in single digit, and also holds the second largest bidded single digit car number of India.

The owner of GTPL, GTPL Hathway is a big MSO in Gujarat, he also owns Skoda kiaa motors isuzu showrooms and many more companies of construction and automobile. The young entrepreneur plans to cover many more industries in Gujarat.

With great fame comes great responsibility, Rajdeep is also famous for his social work and says helping needy ones is always soothing to him.

He plans to make poor people's living conditions better with the help of technology and continuously working for the betterment of society.