Actress Meera Chopra has taken on the film industry for letting down Sushant Singh Rajput, who took his life at his residence in Mumbai. She has slammed the people from the Bollywood and his friends circle for failing to be with him when he was going through depression.

Talking about the dark side of Bollywood, she has spoken about how people change their loyalty once a film flops at the box office, accuses people of not showing their genuine affection and love. Meera Chopra has highighted that it is tough for outsiders to survive in the industry.

Meera Chopra and Sushant Singh Rajput
Meera Chopra and Sushant Singh Rajput.Social Media Site

The Section 375 actress mocked the Bollywood for showing their lip-service over his death, while failing to give what he required when he was alive. Meera Chopra concluded her statement by claiming that the film industry has failed him.

Check out her painful letter below:

We are working and living in an industry which is cruel,cold and ruthless. We all knew well that sushant was going through depression since long, but what did we do? where was his close circle,the directors and producers hes worked with, his close friends?

why nobody came out and helped, gave him the kind of love, the work that he wanted- bcoz nobody cares. lam sorry to say but nobody gives a shit abt what you are going through. If your 1 movie flops they will start treating you like an untouchable. True, bollywood is a small family, but a kind of family which is never there when you need them.

He had to take his life for that family to realise the kind of pain and need he was in. An outsider will always feel like an outsider here. I just wana say to my industry that help people when they need it, and you know when they need it. there is no point tweeting when they r no more. Dont pretend to be sad when you guys didnt do anything when he was sad.

Sushant Singh Rajput
Sushant Singh RajputInstagram

Stop being such a hypocritical society. Sushant, your death is a personal loss, the way i see my industry will never be the same anymore..We have failed you , this industry has failed you. You deserved better my friend. lam so sorry!!

Meanwhile, the netizens have targeted Karan Johar, Alia Bhatt and other celebrities for promoting nepotism and ignoring real talents. In fact, they blame such people for promoting the culture and held them responsible for the death of the Bollywood actor, who was found hanging at his residence on Sunday, 14 June.