In an incident that is fast attracting global attention, a journalist in Pakistan, Matiullah Jan has been abducted. Seen as a staunch critic of the Pakistan government and the Army, Jan was abducted in broad daylight and the incident was caught on a CCTV camera installed nearby.

The initial investigation into the footage clearly reveals uniformed men of Pakistani police trying to grab hold of the journalist who was driving in his Suzuki Baleno. His arbitrary abduction has led to massive outrage in the country, and citizens alongside human rights groups have demanded his immediate release.

Pakistan journalist Masaratullah Jan abducted by Pakistani Govt
Pakistan journalist Masaratullah Jan abducted by Pakistani GovtIBT

"With Matiullah Jan still missing, the PM's hyperactive twitter on mute, social media on fire, and Justice Qazi Faez Isa and wife visiting Mati's family, recovering him has become a game of very high stakes. The more the delay, the more shame," wrote Syed Talat Hussain.

"CCTV footage of journalist Matiullah Jan being taken away. Enforced disappearances are used by Pakistan as a weapon to silence dissenters. From Saleem Shahzad, Umar Cheema to Matiullah, it continues with impunity," tweeted Naila Inayat.

Jessica Kroner wrote, "No more silence. No more indirect words.
ISI picked up Matiullahjan cz he knew about the fake propaganda of Gen Faiz Hameed (DG ISI) against Qazi Faez Isa and he talked openly about that without any fear."


He threw his phone away so abductors can't take it

"MatiUllahJan threw his mobile inside the school at the time of the abduction, which was picked by a stupid teacher and handed over to the guys in uniform, who then kidnapped him," wrote, Shama Junejo.

Press Association demanded his release

Press Association of Supreme Court (PAS) has requested Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed to take notice of abduction or enforced disappearance of senior court reporter Matiullah Jan.

PAK Press Association (Court) statement
PAK Press Association (Court) statementTwitter

My father has been abducted

The son of abducted journalist tweeted from his father's handle, "Matiullahjan, my father, has been abducted from the heart of the capital Islamabad. I demand he be found and the agencies behind it immediately be held responsible. God keep him safe."

"If Matiullah Jan has violated any law or committed any crime, proceed against him as per the law of the land. Kidnapping a journalist is unacceptable," tweeted Ansar Abbasi.

The drama ends, Matiullah Jan reaches home

In what is seen as PAK state succumbing to international pressure and that within the country, the said journalist was released eventually. But it is suspected that the PAK government forces extracted valuable data from his phone.

"Matiullah Jan has safely reached his home; all his friends & those who he has harassed all his life are relieved because this drama was far too serious! All is well that ends well!," tweeted Moeed Pirzada.

Reaches Home Safe
PAK journalist reaches homeTwitter