In the season 3 premiere of "Masters of Sex", we saw the publication of Bill and Virginia's book "Human Sexual Response", which is guaranteed to being in more publicity to their practice and research.

In episode 2 "Three's a Crowd", we will see how the Bill (Michael Sheen) and his wife Libby (Caitlin FitzGerald) will react to the news that Ginny (Lizzy Caplan) is pregnant with the latter's baby. In a flash back to four months ago, Ginny and Bill was seen spending a weekend with Libby and the kids, where Bill's wife told Bill's mistress that she know about her husband's affair. She requested Ginny not to break up their family.

However, Ginny many not be able to keep this promise. During the conference where she and Bill were meeting the press regarding their book, Ginny ran to the washroom to vomit, revealing to everyone that she is pregnant. Although fans are almost certain that Bill is the father, the creators are also teasing that George (Mather Zickel) could be the father. 

Another event that occurred at the lake retreat was the spat Bill had with his oldest son John (Jaeden Lieberher). When John threw his book in the lake, Bill went close to punching his son, but backed out midway. He realises that he is becoming abusive like his father, and in "Three's a Crowd" he is still reeling from that.

While Bill struggles with the fear of turning into his father, his wife grows more reclusive in the household. However, while they deal with Ginny's pregnancy, she may also see some light in the form of a mysterious young man.

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