As season 6 of the culinary challenge reaches its end, it's time for the last three homecooks, Claudia, Stephen and Derrick to perfect their skills, balance their dishes and shock Chefs Christina Tosi, Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot, albeit, in a pleasant way.

The season has witnessed a slew of eccentric, passionate and rooted home cooks who've strived to introduce modern flavours into food peculiar to their region.

If Tommy went back to his roots and prepared Bananas Foster, Hetal stuck to her Indianness and used spices in various desserts.

Nevertheless, one home cook whose food depicts his imagination and adeptness at cooking almost anything is Derrick. Unlike other contestants on the show, Derrick has introduced intricate flavours to his dishes and if we were to predict the winner of "MasterChef US" season 6, our vote is on Derrick.

After all, the drummer from Florida can bake, excel at savoury dishes and elevate a dish using simple ingredients. In fact, Derrick said that his favourite ingredient is watermelon.

In an interview to News Press, he claimed, "People don't realise how versatile it is, and I enjoy being able to show that to people. And there is more to come with watermelon, so stay tuned."

The next episode of "Masterchef US" season 6 will be a two-hour long battle between Claudia, Derrick and Stephen. This will be followed by the finale.

Let's hope it's a faceoff between Derrick and Stephen.

"MasterChef US" season 6 episode 19 will air on Wednesday, 16 September at 8pm on Fox.