"Masss" first look logo posterTwitter/ Venkat Prabhu

The much-awaited songs of the movie, "Masss", has been released and like other songs composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, this has also managed to impress both critics and audience.

The album of "Masss" has a total of seven tracks that comprises of three types of theme music.

The lyrics of the songs are written by Madhan Karky and Gangai Amaren. Singers like Shankar Mahadevan, Karthik, Ranjith, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Chinmayi, Pooja, and Vaikom Vijayalakshmi have lent their voice to this entertainer.

Here are the reviews of "Mass" by various critics.

"Therikkudhu Masss"

Singers: Ranjith, Shankar Mahadevan, Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics: Madhan Karky

"A sublime Hip-Hop and House styled high voltage number marks the beginning of this much anticipated album. Shankar Mahadevan's upbeat vocals add like an icing on the cake in the midst of superior sequencing and contemporary riffs. The real fun begins when the track takes the folk pathway with an overdose of trumpets along with a indigenous choir styled changeover as well." – Behindwoods

"The title song as the film name 'Masss' suggests, Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed as 'Masss' number that turns the sizzling excitements for Suriya fans. The song speaks about the freewheeling hero, who seems to be enjoying the moment of dwindling a huge money. Shankar Mahadevan, Ranjith and Yuvan Shankar Raja offer the best spell and it looks like the catholic song portion heard during the interlude is the introduction of Nayantara." – Cinecofeee

"This number is thematic, on a highly energetic fusion of sounds and instruments. The first minute lapses in a verve of beats, keys and electric guitar. Shankar Mahadevan's voice needs no introduction on the levels of zing, and thus this track is peppy get-up-and-go number on all grounds. Towards the end, the song transforms into a brief prayer choir, and revives into the zesty tunes, with a variation in tempo, but no loss in electricity."- Indiaglitz

"Naan Aval Illai"

Singers: Chinmayee, Karthick

Lyrics: Madhan Karky

"This delicately woven duet has kaleidoscope like orchestration on a poetic platform. The most fetching aspect of this composition is the lead melodious vocals fusing effortlessly in the background of dubstep rhythm. Karthik and Chinmayi make no mistakes in elevating this experimental track with their confident vocals. It is indeed amazing to see a rhythm based composition creating a contrasting meditative effect!" – Behindwoods

"Both these singers are young iconic emblematic musical stars who give the best irrespect give of what genre the song is. Naan Aval Illai is completely in contrast to rest of the songs and some of the lines written by Madhan Karky are sweetly ecstatic. Especially, Chinmayi gives the best on her part that would be more apt for the heroine who is getting on the screens." – Cinecoffee

"This song is a unique, and probably first-of-its-kind duet. Out and beyond the cliché of regular love duets, this one is on the undying promise of second love, but with the hesitancy of a rebound. Karthik and Chinmayee have captured and rendered the emotions beautifully in their glissading voices. The song follows a steady tempo, but has a fluid style of rendition. This one is a graceful melody." - Indiaglitz


Singers: Pooja, Yuvan Shanakar Raja

Lyrics: Gangai Amaren

"A musical potpourri with flavors such as 80s Pop, street styled folk music and trendy Hip-Hop beats. Yuvan's energetic vocals follow the fun filled rap pathway with incredible persona. The timely appearance of the tantalizing flute is one of the biggest highlights. This track attempts to present a funky side of the horror theme with a new-age vantage point. Despite the spookiness in the chorus, there is a hidden entertaining dimension associated with it!" - Behindwoods

"Every Venkat Prabhu album has a song written by his father-music director Gangai Amaran and this one 'Poochandi' is here. The song happens to based on colourful fantasy, which involves lots of characters in ghost makeover. Yuvan Shankar Raja has rendered the song in his usual style, but becomes more captivating here is the interlude in distorted guitars and other instrumentals. Pooja on her part does her vocalisms with perfection." – Cinecoffee

The promised tribute to MJ is here along the lines of 'Thriller'. Descriptive of the coup of a devil, the song opens spooky. The background carries a steady reverberating beat throughout the song, except for a brief relief in Pooja's voice. Lyrics are taut to the tune, and the calculated usage of keys, beats and strings, tuned to the right pitch, makes the song racy. In a brief break, Pooja takes over, at a different tempo and mellowed down and straightforward score. The song reverts to high energy, before trailing." - Indaglitz


Singers: Vaikom Vijayalakshmi

Lyrics: Madhan Karky

"The album takes a different route with an eerie solo having the realistic vocals of Vaikom Vijayalakshmi. Delicate touches of Grand Piano and masterful symphony hit the bull's eye and opens up new horizons of musical experimentation. This track would surely take the listener to a detour beyond boundaries with an everlasting impact."- Behindwoods

"Whenever Vaikom Vijayalakshmi comes on the track, we can expect a soulful song that pierces through our hearts and there would be so much of spirit in it. This is one number that speaks about the pathos of few innocent souls and it sounds to be a song that has the turning point. The lyrical lines enhance the emotional impact. The orchestral strings in the backdrops add more intensity to the song." – Cinecoffee

"When Vaikom Vijayalakshmi is in the picture, we know that it is serious stuff. This song, beginning and ending in a choral-like chorus, is deeply insightful of life. Choice of words has been penned with care, and it is a refreshing and soulful experience when listened to, in Vijayalakshmi's deep voice. Background score uses minimal variety of instruments, but the track is impressive nonetheless." - Indiaglitz

Con Man Theme

"A feisty take on Therikkudhu Mass with superimposed layers of Punjabi rhythm section, street folk, New York dubstep sequencing and a heartwarming crescendo bass work which would tingle the listener's senses." – Behindwoods

"Venkat Prabhu and Yuvan Shankar Raja having delivered a powerful theme music in Mankatha have couple of signature score. Con Man Theme obviously denotes the crazy mindset laced with some heroism and smartness of Suriya and his heist acts. This BGM really evokes the best peppy mood and would be having its best toast together with visuals." - Cinecoffeee

Masss Theme

"A creepy track with a chorus which is instantly fear-inducing, thereby leading to a passionate electric guitar solo. The masterstroke occurs with the advent of symphony supported flawlessly with an ironic rhythm section." - Behindwoods

"No words! Of course, Yuvan Shankar Raja has the best signature music delivered in the past one decade and most of them are still everybody's favourite and used as their ringtone. Now we have this new inclusion, where the slight silent guitars with percussion's add the massive appeal." - Cinecoffee

"Therikkudhu Masss" (Gasa Gasa Mix)

Singers: Ranjith, Shankar Mahadevan, Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics: Madhan Karky

"It is time to hit the dance floor with a paced up remixed version which sets new benchmarks for contemporary mixing and redefines the term "Party Fun". The additional layers of rhythm and sequencing add fuel to the fire for the already energetic composition." – Behindwoods

"Venkat Prabhu and Yuvan Shankar Raja never miss to offer Premgi Amaran have his potentials and prowess exhibited in their albums. Apparently, the album ends with Premji's Gasa Gasa remix. Nevertheless, with the original track itself sounding to be a remix mode, this one sounds more noisy in few places. Maybe, it could be used for some bloopers during the final credits of the movie." –Cinecoffee