Suriya's "Masss" has opened to extremely positive reviews from audience and critics. They have declared that it is a pure commercial entertainer.

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"Masss" is a horror-comedy film, which has all the commercial ingredients of a successful movie. The movie shows Suriya in never-before avatars in the movie, which has Pranitha, Parthiban, Samuthikirani, Premji Amaren, Karunas and others are in the cast. "Masss" has Yuvan Shankar Raja's music, RD Rajasekar's cinematography and Praveen KL's editing.

Surya's 'Masss' Teaser Released
A screen shot from 'Masss' teaser.'Masss' Youtube Page

'Masss' Pre-Release Business: Suriya's Movie Beats Ajith's 'Yennai Arindhaal'

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Masilamani (Suriya) and Jet (Premji) are close buddies and small-time thieves. Situation forces them loot smugglers on a boat. On their return, they met with an accident. Following the incident, the hero realises that he has got a supernatural power to see the ghosts. This makes ghosts approach him seeking for favours and Sakthi (Suriya) is one among them. What happens next should be seen on-screen.

Audience Reviews:
Audience have heaped praises on Venkat Prabhu in rich words for his ability to churn out an entertaining "Masss" loaded with all the commercial ingredients. The twists and turns in the story, comedy and background music have been appreciated by the cine-goers. Suriya, as always, steals the show. On the flip side, a section of people have criticised that there are a lot of loopholes in the script and at parts logic goes missing. The CGI work is also not up to the mark. Below, find the audience reviews:

Sidhu Tweets
#Masss Interval: Jolly good fun. Typical @dirvenkatprabhu thriller with a good dose of spook. Colorful visuals, lil twists and red-hot BGM.
All set to watch India's first romantic horror comedy action entertainer - #Masss.
Podraaa vediyaaa!
#Masss: Yuvan has stolen the show with his chilly BGM. Technically strong with vibrant visuals and neat cuts. CG is the worry.
#Masss: The fantasy/horror element adds a lot of spice to the proceedings. Nice packaging by VP, though he doesn't do away with few clichés.

Prashanth ‏Posted
#Masss interval - highly engaging, @Suriya_offl is back!!
Done watching #Masss, @Suriya_offl brothers hardwork and @dirvenkatprabhu s execution has finally paid off!! Congrats brothers!!

Ramesh Tweeted
#MASSS [3.5/5] : On final analysis, an excellent summer outing for family, kids and youth.. Jus trust @dirvenkatprabhu and @Suriya_offl & go
#MASSS [3.5/5] : @thisisysr 's BGM is certainly a highlight.. Piravi song is very touching.. @Cinemainmygenes 's editing is Pucca Masss..
#MASSS [3.5/5] : #Nayanthara has a small role.. @Premgiamaren 's best role till date.. @rparthiepan 's role gets applause..
#MASSS [3.5/5] : @Suriya_offl as Shakthi gets the Srilankan accent right & delivers a powerful performance.. He is always a delight to watch
#MASSS [3.5/5] : @Suriya_offl completely dominates the proceedings as both Mass and Shakthi.. As Mass, he is playful and then gets serious..
#MASSS [3.5/5] : @dirvenkatprabhu comes up with a unique storyline & mixes the entertainment elements well.. Clever use of prior hits elmnts

Rajasekar Posted
If its #AboorvaSagotharargal for Kamal Haasan then it's #Masss for @Suriya_offl .Of course the former was classy while the latter is massy:)
#Masss - 3/5,time pass mass masala entertainer with feel good moments & spooky concept.Loved @Suriya_offl as Shakthi,superb screen presence.
#Masss - 3/5, @dirvenkatprabhu has made it as an entertainer which will work with the masses. Logic loopholes could have been avoided!
#Masss - 3/5, @thisisysr is the another hero of the movie...the bgm for Shakthi is marana mass :)

Fab Flickz Wrote
‪#‎Masss‬ : Venkat Prabu has made a film with a fine blend of action comedy romance and thrilling portions & has been successful to an extent. ‪#‎WatchableEntertainer‬.

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 3.5

Kaushik LM Posted
#Masss 1st half done - Interesting. Supernatural elements used in an entertaining way along the story. #Suriya #Yuvan #VP in good form.
#Masss 1st half - Sri Lankan #Suriya makes a stunning entry & rules the latter part of the 1st half. More fun & a gud backstory expected now
#Masss #Piravi song WOW .. So touching. Beautiful concept. Nice emotions.. Neat VFX ..
#Masss 1st half - references to other heroes, mainly #Vijay and also #Vikram and #Ajith. Also #SaRajkumar. Typical #VP jolly touches ;)
#Masss was satisfying with the @dirvenkatprabhu touches, the supernatural treated in a slightly different way& @Suriya_offl in all his glory
#Masss - A spirits-driven commercial cocktail with some purpose, motive and solid emotions. A well-timed #Sixer from @dirvenkatprabhu & co.

Vasanth Elango Posted
#Masss One time watchable.Quite enjoyable in parts.Could Have been slightly better. Yuvan's BGM s top class. Main theme music is effective.

Johnson PRO Tweeted
#Maasu 1st half incredibly entertaining. 2nd half emotional @Suriya_offl in dual roles is genius @dirvenkatprabhu
1st ever time @Premgiamaren leaves us in tears with his role n acting. #Maasu #Masss Emotionally bound @dirvenkatprabhu @Suriya_offl

Raisa Nasreen Posted
#Masss: vechan paru ya twistu, nan apadiye shockk aiten. :'D
#Masss: May not be Pakka Masss, but definitely not podi masss. Racy commercial entertainer!
@smbijili nalla iruku. Speed a fast a pogudu. Not a dull moment.

Praveen Karan Posted
#Masss Interval : @Suriya_offl is simply rocking. Boundless fun with so many sixers from @dirvenkatprabhu. #Yuvan's kickass BGM topping! (Y)
#Masss Interval : Something so fresh abt storyline, the horror part is fab! Goosebumps inducing interval sets stage for a riveting 2nd half.

Paintboy277ji Wrote
SO SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!! Finished watch #Masss. OMG. 3.5/5. Suriya sir is back. very happy for him. suriya-father revenge story mersal.
@Suriya_Blood above average boss.. it is not super amazing movie but it is far better than anjaan. suriya is back with bang. sure shot hit.
pros: suriya, yuvan, story
not good: cgi, girl cast, premgi
@Suriya_Blood yes boss some twists. main story is very good, venkat prabu style. exciting and new story about father - murder mystery
before i finally sleep.. #masss pro: suriya, yuvan, story
downside: cgi (not good, very disappointed). overall 3.5/5 and suriya is back
#masss . in the end you will leave the cinema happy and wanting to watch again. masss is pakka masss. - sincerely, from a die hard ajith fan
#masss music is splendid and yuvan is rocking. 3.5/5.. suriya dashing. nayanthara and pranitha dull, nothing new. story is exciting and new
#masss - i am an ajith die hard fan but happy for suriya sir. rating is 3.5/5. no scary scenes, scenes with ghosts are comedic and nice

KapilVaalu Posted
#Masss Trade Update - First Half - Boring
With Good Interval Block. Second Half -
Average With Some Good Scenes. Overall -

Only Kollywood Posted
Now Watching: World's first premiere of @Suriya_offl - @dirvenkatprabhu's #Masss!
#Masss 1st half: Interestingly mounted thriller with ample one liners which tickle the funny bone. @Suriya_offl & @thisisysr nailing it.

Karthik Balaji Tweeted
#Masss #Interval. Excellent story writing. Hats off to VP for that. But execution could have been much better.

ChristopherKanagaraj Wrote
#Masss @rparthiepan's witty one liners are cool eg) he tooks off thief's coolers and says ' ini yevanum ennatha pudungunenu kekamatan" :)

Haricharan Pudipeddi Wrote
Glad that the horror angle in #Masss is used creatively to give us an entertainer. Has some issues but it sure doesn't disappoint.
Also, can any other Tamil filmmaker make a film with so many twists other than Venkat Prabhu? #Masss is packed with so many twists.
Take Suriya from #RakhtCharitra and put him in a film like #Masss, it would've been a kick ass film. Nevertheless, still liked it
On the contrary, #Masss could've been an excellent thriller sans comedy. But it's understandable why it was made the way it is.

Hisham wrote
Super duper kickass 1st half.First of it kind genre n totally engaging. Action,comedy,horror,romance n wat not. 2nd half , cant wait. #Masss
Twist at every turn. Thats 1st half of #Masss. @Suriya_offl show all the way. Hope 2nd half will live up to first.
Suriya says #AdhukkumMele. Kick ass entry. #Masss
#Masss - @Suriya_offl show all the way. He is back to his best. Super stylish and performance. Climax typical but over all a SIXER.
#Masss - And @dirvenkatprabhu hits it out of the park. Action thriller with a mixture of horror , comedy and romance. Sure shot hit. 3.5/5.

Daniel_offl Wrote
#Masss First Half Oversea Report : Outstanding #Suriya Rocked the movie. Ceylon Slang was Simply Superb. #WelcomeBackSuriya

Surya Prakash Wrote
Wow...amazing visuals!! Edge of the seat experience! #masss @Suriya_offl @dirvenkatprabhu sema mass

UyirV Posted
#Thala dialogue by Premgi
#Chiyaan Dialogue by Surya
#Kaththi Bgm for #Suriya
#Veeram bgm for Motta Rajendran @dirvenkatprabhu #Masss

Kollywood Cinema Wrote
#Masss #Massu First Half Oversea Report : Outstanding #Suriya Rocked the movie. Ceylon Slang was Simply Superb. #WelcomeBackSuriya

Genious_gce Wrote
Good. Might impress certain audiences.3/5. #Masss #Maasu #MasssEngiraMassilamani #MassuEngiraMasilamani

Narayanan Posted
#MASSS Spooky and funny 1st half.Suriya acting Gud.Interval twist Gud and easily guessable.Average.Kids ll love it
#MASSS 1st half Yuvan BGM http://good.Film has VP template all over.Veeram Girl comes in 2nd http://half.Film depends n 2nd half

Senthil Kumar Posted
@Dhananjayang MAAS 3.25/5:A ghost family entertainer.Usual VP movie in U style bcoz of Surya.Can surely go with family & enjoy the movie.

Hari Darren Wrote
@dirvenkatprabhu saar.. watched masss in the UK! Piniteenga! Nevr expected actual script from u :P super cameo by Jai and premji was exclnt!
@dirvenkatprabhu @Surya_Offl @Premgiamaren team #masss u dsrve to be proud of ur innovative attempt! Saar bst thing is how u didn't overhype
@Premgiamaren nver expcted I would get emotional ovr a character played by u :P
Too good bro, espcly bloopers.. This genre suits you well!
@Surya_Offl you did a gr8 job as both sakthi & mass! Lved ur perfrmance in restaurant in 2nd half! SL accnt was decent attmpt. gr8 comeback!
#Masss - 3.75/5 Slow start but great 2nd half which compensates. +ve @Surya_Offl @Premgiamaren @rparthiepan & refernces. -ve flabby 1st half
#Masss - 3.75/5 (contd)
@thisisysr BGM is huge pillar for film. @Surya_Offl dancing has imprved significantly. SL accent could have been btr
#Masss - 3.75/5 (contd)
Film will click big time with audience just because of suspense factor due to unexplored genre and no large hype

Chnvaasi Wrote
End of first half - lots of logic misses but the bottomline is , it entertains mostly
graphics bad
#MassuEngiraMasilamani #Masssu

Pragash Posted
#Mass #Massu #MassuEngiraMasilamani -
Average movie only..
Very Average content..
Personal Review - 2.75 /5

Surendhar MK Posted
#Masss: Venkat Prabhu has successfully managed to revive the horror-genre & present it in a refreshing pattern. Afterlife part worked well.