Maryland Student Kills And Eats Roommate’s Heart And Brains
Maryland police said Alexander Kinyua confessed to killing and eating parts of his roommate, Kujoe Bonsafo Agyel-Kodie. Harford County Sheriff

21-year-old engineering student, who allegedly admitted to killing and eating his housemate's heart and parts of his brain, ranted about "mass human sacrifice" month ago on social networking site Facebook, according to one of the several details that emerged Friday night.

Alexander Kinyua, an electrical student at Morgan State University, made the shocking revelation of using a knife to kill and cut his housemate Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie's body into pieces before eating his heart and parts of his brain.

Kenyan-born Kinyua, student at Morgan State University, was charged with first-degree murder after dismembered body parts of his housemate were found in his Harford County home.

The 37-year-old Kodie had been staying with Kinyua's family for about six weeks at their home town on Terrapin Terrace in Joppa, Maryland.

Both the accused and the victim had attended the Morgan State University. Kinyua had just finished his third-year electrical engineering major at school, and Kodie was a graduate who last attended classes in 2008 on student visa. They both were from Africa; Kodie was from Ghana and Kinyua from Kenya.

Earlier in May, Kinyua allegedly beat up a man with a baseball bat in University campus. He was later arrested and released on $220,000 bail.

In 2008, Kodie was also convicted for a fourth-degree sex offense in Baltimore County which resulted in 18-month jail term. He was also convicted of sexual harassment, stalking and making repeated calls to a woman in 2007.

Kinyua has been living with his family in Maryland for the past nine years. He had also begun posting threatening online post on Facebook.

Earlier in February, he posted a question on Facebook, asking other students if they were "strong enough to endure ritual HBCU mass human sacrifices around the country and still be able to function as human beings?," Associated Press reported.

Kinyua referred the post to the Virginia Tech massacre that took place in 2007 and "other university killings across the country" and said that "ethnic cleansing is the policy, strategy and tactics that will affect you, directly or indirectly in the coming months."

The Maryland cannibal attack is the second bizarre and shocking human-flesh eating incident that happened few days after a man in Miami chewed away another man's face.

On May 26, Ronald Poppo became the victim of the Miami cannibal attack and lost most of his face in a horrible incident that shocked the whole world.