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Avengers: Infinity War has begun shooting and every other day, newer names are joining the star cast. It was earlier reported that Thanos will play a crucial role in the Avengers sequel. It seems like the actor got a little more excited about the movie and accidentally revealed another spoiler for fans. It is now understood, through Brolin, that Benicio del Toro's The Collector could make Marvel comeback in Avengers: Infinity War.

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According to the website, MCU Exchange, the Thanos actor hosted an Instagram live stream, where he revealed that he will be filming scenes with Chris Pratt (who is playing the role of Star-Lord), Zoe Salanda (donning the role of Gamora), as well as Del Toro. Toro's role has not been confirmed by the production house. The live stream video soon came to an end and the video was deleted shortly after it was posted.

While the video might not be available to confirm the actor's participation, an Instagram account posted a picture featuring Del Toro confirming that he is in Atlanta. A pleasant co-incidence? No way!

The actor was earlier seen in two Marvel movies – Thor: The Dark World, followed by Guardians of the Galaxy. In a recent interview for Guardians of the Galaxy, Del Toro disclosed his character's motives, which could hint at his role in Infinity War. According to the comics, Thanos interaction with Collector takes place in an arc most called Thanos Quest, where the Mad Titan travels to complete his Infinity Gem collection.

Avengers: Infinity War will be a two part sequel to Captain America: Civil War. The first part is slated to release in May 2018.