Will Ghost Rider join Secret Warriors led by Daisy?
Will Ghost Rider join Secret Warriors led by Daisy?Facebook / Agents of SHIELD

When ABC's superhero series "Agents of SHIELD" returns for a fourth season in a couple of months, eager fans would get to meet a whole lot of new characters.

The characters who will be introduced in the fourth season include Carlos Ayala, Robert Gamorra, and Druid. These three characters will form a new team led by Daisy a.k.a. Quake (Chloe Bennet), reported Movie Pilot.

In the comic books, the three characters were members of the SHIELD's special unit called Secret Warriors.

Though a lot of buzz has been generated regarding the new cast in the upcoming series, the most awaited development is whether Ghost Rider, one of the most iconic Marvel comic book characters, will be introduced in Season 4 or not.

International Business Times India had earlier reported that a new post by the show's Twitter handle had hinted at a new character who brandishes a burning chain. Several speculations had stated that the promo hinted at Hellfire, another of the Marvel characters.

However, recent reports have stated that "SHIELD" might be introducing Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze in the fourth season. Unlike most superheroes, Ghost Rider didn't have any special powers until he made a deal with the devil himself and was cursed to roam around in the night with his body transformed into a blazing skeleton.

The Ghost Rider has been adapted earlier on the big screen. Nicholas Cage played the character in two movies.

Undoubtedly, Ghost Rider is one of the most popular and admired Marvel characters. Hence, his inclusion in the series can give a big boost to the ratings of "SHIELD" when the series returns on Sept. 20 on ABC.