Steve Rogers dies in Avengers 4
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Marvel's Spider-Man: Far From Home movie released earlier this week and is receiving applause from every corner. The movie's final sequence is loved by many but several fans have now pointed that the latest Spider-Man movie has just killed off Captain America.

Major Spoiler ahead:

As we have discussed in our Spider-Man: Far From Home movie review, the latest MCU movie deals with the losses from the battle against Thanos in Endgame. In the very beginning, there is a scene where we see video footage of all the fallen heroes. The video serves as a tribute to Vision, Black Widow, and Tony Stark. But the scene also includes Captain America — a character which we all thought to be alive after Endgame movie.

In Avengers Endgame movie, we saw how Steve Rogers aka Captain America (Chris Evans) went back in time to place all the six Infinity Stones at their respective places. The character, however, did not come back instantly. He spent several decades with Agent Peggy Carter and even married her. As per several, Rogers and Carter also gave birth to two wonderful kids who also have superpowers just like their father.

Tom Holland
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After spending several decades with Peggy, Captain America came back to the current timeline. In the final scenes, we saw him old and tired. He even gave away his iconic shield but fans assumed that we might get to see him in some capacity in future Marvel movies. But thanks to the recently released Spider-Man movie, the era of Steve Rogers seems to have ended with Avengers Endgame movie.

There were several speculations in the past that in the future MCU movies like the solo Black Widow or Black Panther 2, we might get to see the old Captain America working as a consulting member of the S.H.I.E.L.D. but if we follow Spider-Man: Far From Home movie then it looks like there won't be any more superhero movies featuring our dear old Steve Rogers.

We have seen Steve Rogers from the very first Captain America movie. Chris Evans reprised his role in several other MCU movies including Civil War, Age of Ultron, Homecoming, and Infinity War.