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It is no secret that Marvel and DC are and may forever be locked in an epic rivalry, but that hasn't stopped them from collaborating on projects. And it looks like the two titans may yet again be joining forces.

Apparently, the most surprising thing in the final issue of DC's Doomsday Clock didn't have to do with Watchmen at all. The surprise came in the seeming implication that a new Marvel/DC comic crossover might be on the way in the next few years!

It is known that for the preceding 11 issues of Doomsday Clock, Doctor Manhattan found his awareness of the future obscured by some kind of darkness. The last thing Doctor Manhattan could foresee was Superman's fist coming toward his face, which somehow led Doctor Manhattan to believe that he would end the universe in self-defense. We have to say, that is quite a drastic step. However, Superman saved Jon and inspired him to believe in "hope" again. 

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The timeline reforms, and once again Jon can see moments in the future. One scene is of particular interest. Here's the quote from Jon's narration: "On July 10th, 2030, the 'Secret Crisis' begins, throwing Superman into a brawl across the universe with Thor himself...and a green behemoth stronger than even Doomsday, who dies protecting Superman from these invaders." The character descriptions alone should get us excited, add to that the fact that almost every major DC crossover has "Crisis" in the title, and the biggest Marvel crossovers have "Secret" in the title, seems to imply an upcoming Marvel/DC rematch.

Marvel and DC have collaborated before with epic results, the Justice League of America has gone up against the Avengers, Spider-Man has fought Superman, there have been matchups with popular characters from both brands, with the winners being decided by popular vote. We'll just have to wait and see if and when the two giants actually do collaborate again.