Vishal Krishna-starrer "Maruthu" has garnered mixed reviews from the critics. The movie has impressed the people with its action and other commercial elements. But the excessive violence has not gone well with many reviewers.

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It is a simple story set in a rural backdrop. Director Muthiah has once again chosen the village story for his latest movie "Maruthu," which has Sridivya in the female lead role. Vishal plays the titular role.

The hero has been brought up by his grandmother, played by Kolla Pulli Leela, after the death of his parents. He respects women and leads a happy life until he gets into trouble with baddie Rolex Pandian (RK Suresh), who is behind the death of Sridivya's mother. Marudhu's granny wants him to marry her and now her issues with the villain becomes his problem. How he fights the villain forms the remaining part of the story.

The story is engaging even though it is loaded with violence. It has all the commercial ingredients and this factor makes the movie a wholesome entertainer. Vishal is at his usual best in vesthi-clad role and Sridivya has a powerful role. RK Suresh does his job well. Here, find what critics are saying about "Maruthu:"

Times of India Review: In Maruthu, Muthaiah combines a couple of angles from his previous films and presents them as a whole, new film. In the place of the father-in-law in Komban, here, we have the grandmother. In the place of the intrepid hero's mother in Kutti Puli, here, we have the heroine's mother.

Indiaglitz Review: 'Marudhu' comes with a nice package of action, sentiment and romance and all the three aspects worked out well though not as much as expected or as much as it was in 'Komban'. But the film is highly predictable, lengthy and there is hardly any scene that elicits a wow feeling in you.

Sify Review: Vishal's Muthiah directed Marudhu follows this pattern and is packaged and presented in a manner that will appeal more to B and C centre audiences. Muthiah doesn't seem to have got over the hangover of his last film Komban, as the village backdrop,characters and presentation is the same.

Behindwoods Review: The template is standard. There is Vishal on one side, who is the personification of all things good which is conveyed by his crony Soori at the start, quantified by an intro number.

Rediff Review: Director Muthaiya is known for his films on relationships steeped in extreme violence with an overdose of emotional drama.