Vishal Krishna's latest movie "Maruthu" aka "Marudhu" released on Friday, May 20. The Tamil movie is written by Gowtham Raj and directed by M Muthaiah. 

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Sri Divya plays the female lead in "Maruthu," which has Radha Ravi, Soori, RK Suresh, Namo Narayana and others in the cast. D Imman has composed the music for the Tamil film and "Othasada Rosa" and "Karuvakaatu Karuvaya" songs have become hits among the audience. Velraj has handled the camera and Praveen KL is the editor of the flick, which is produced by J Venkatesh.

It is a rural drama that mainly revolves around the relationship between a man and his grandmother. Maruthu (Vishal) is the grandson of Mariamma (Kolla Pulli Leela). He goes to any extent to make her happy and she wants him to marry Bhagyam (Sridivya). His leading lady gets into a trouble with a local thug Rolex Pandian (RK Suresh), who wants to kill her along with her father. With the hero coming to her rescue, the story takes a twist and how he saves her forms the remaining part of the story.

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 3

Muthiah seems to have mastered the rural subjects as the director has churned out one more entertainer in the similar backdrop. He has packed the story with all types of emotions with the action parts remaining the big plus point of "Maruthu."

Vishal Krishna shines in the action-packed movie and the portrayal of women in the film gets full marks from the viewers. Sridivya too impresses in her strong role and RK Suresh is highly impressive in his role. Soori's antics win the hearts of the audience. Among the technical departments, D Imman's background score Velraj's cinematography are top notch.

The movie, which is releasing in Telugu as "Rayadu," is getting fairly positive reviews. Find, the viewers' response to the Tamil flick:

Surendhar MK: #Marudhu: Imman makes up for the not-so-exciting soundtrack with his terrific background score. Sits well with the film's theme.
#Marudhu: RK Suresh proves that he's not a one-hit wonder. Makes a great comeback from #ThaaraiThappattai and stands his own against Vishal.
And, #Marudhu will be a sure shot hit at the box office for @VishalKOfficial. Muthaiah has once again hit the bull's eye.
#Marudhu: Imman makes up for the not-so-exciting soundtrack with his terrific background score. Sits well with the film's theme.
#Marudhu: Muthaiah has written strong women characters, which usually does not happen often in stories set against rural backdrops.
#Marudhu is a solid rural drama from director Muthaiah. Barring the lackluster romance track, everything works well in the film.

Rinku Gupta: strong women portrayal, family sentimnt, comedy, strong villain,action hero packs a punch! @VishalKOfficial s #Marudhu
Full entertainer!

Hemanth Kumar: #Marudhu 3/5. @VishalKOfficial riveting lively in action. Massy screenplay laced with emotions, strong women characters, @immancomposer bgm+

Sreedhar Pillai: #Marudhu 3/5. Enjoyable rural template #Muthaiah -@VishalKOfficial mass flick. Terrific supporting cast #Suresh deadly & daring, #Leela fab.
#Marudhu 3/5. @VishalKOfficial riveting lively in action. Massy screenplay laced with emotions, strong women characters, @immancomposer bgm+

Ramesh: #Marudhu 1st Half: A Pucca Mass Commercial entertainer.. @VishalKOfficial and Dir Muthaiah r rocking it.. Will be a sureshot in B and C Ctrs
#Marudhu [3.25/5]: A Solid Rural Mass Entertainer set in Southern TN nativity.. Fine performances, Violent action blocks and Sentiments
#Marudhu [3.25/5] : @studio9_suresh continues his menacing form from #ThaaraiThappattai - He is top notch.. Grandma character has done well

Prashanth: Ya. Shades of it. But vishal makes the difference. @navamani_b_e @VishalKOfficial
BGM - @immancomposer therikka vittu irukaar. Especially for the stunt scenes !! #Marudhu
#Marudhu interval - Pakka mass entertainer. Will hit bull eyes. Congrats @VishalKOfficial and team !
Best stunt scenes in @VishalKOfficial 's career. Goosebumps #Marudhu
Done watching #Marudhu - @VishalKOfficial 's heroism , @RkSuresh7 villanism and @immancomposer 's BGM will power this movie to BO glory !

Rajasekar: #Marudhu first half - rightly mixed rural action entertainer. @VishalKOfficial 's best in recent times, interval block + @immancomposer BGM
#Marudhu - After Komban, another well executed rural entertainer from Muthiah. Sure shot for @VishalKOfficial
#Marudhu - for a rural entertainer, the film is technically slick. Superb cuts by @Cinemainmygenes , @immancomposer 's pulsating BGM big+
#Marudhu - @velrajan21's brownish color tone adds more authenticity to the genre
#Marudhu - man this RK Suresh is a menacing villain, gonna become the most wanted baddie for sure :)

Shanthnu Buddy: #Marudhu Marana mass,awesome action seq @VishalKOfficial ,cute love scenes&strong emotionsdef worth ur money @sooriofficial Kizhi

Kaushik (LMK): #Marudhu 1s half- Typical rural mix - villains, violence, granny sentiment, comedy, romance, action and a pre-interval hook. Engaging so far
#Marudhu 1st half - #Vishal is solid as the 'karu karu' village hulk. Rajkiran-like in the way he wears lungi, veshti way above his thoda:-)
#Marudhu 1st half -Lots of buildup dialogs for #Vishal, drawing from his real life image and other film titles. Soori in good 'counter' form
#Marudhu 2nd half - Some good linking scenes early on, which establish the key conflict. Good intelligence shown by Muthiah in these scenes
#Marudhu - Women portrayed in a very bold and honorable manner. #Vishal's Grand mom and #Sridivya's mom are pivotal characters.
#Marudhu -Ultimately it boils to a one on one violent revenge showdown between #Vishal and @studio9_suresh who is deadly yet again, after TT
#Marudhu - will work big down South. Violent and raw rural revenge drama in typical Muthiah style with sentiments, romance, comedy & action.
#Marudhu - Shd be a mass break for @VishalKOfficial down South. Has good rugged screen presence. Dir Muthiah consolidates well after Komban.

Haricharan Pudipeddi: It's amazing how dir Muthaiya, even while treading a familiar path, makes #Marudhu stand out from his previous films. @immancomposer BGM
#Marudhu the film's whistle-worthy moments are not reserved for @VishalKOfficial, but for veteran actress Leela, and she nails it.
#Marudhu works very well as a rural drama and it features, for a change, very strong female characters. @VishalKOfficial has a winner