A meteorite that originated on Mars and which fell on earth three and half years ago contains essential evidences of alien lives.ISRO

A meteorite that originated on Mars and fell on earth three and half years ago contains essential evidences that alien lives could have once existed in the red planet, a recent study reveals.

This comes as an army of robotic rovers, satellites and arbiters are all doing all they can for decades in search for any hints on possible lives in Mars. Researchers and scientists have desperately tried to understand whether the planet ever contained liquid water on its surface or not and also tried to know what the atmosphere once looked like and if the planet ever supported life of any kind.

According to a recent scientific paper submitted by an international team of scientists, proof of life on Martian surface arrived on earth in the form of Tissint Meteorite in 2011. The meteorite is believed to have broken away from Mars 700,000 years ago and contains internal features that researches say appear to be organic materials, reports Universe Today citing the paper, which appeared in the journal Meteoritics and Planetary Sciences.

The research team, which included scientists from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), says that carbon is located inside fissures in the rock, adding that all indications suggested that the meteorite originated in Mars.

"So far, there is o other theory that we find more compelling," Philippe Gillet, director of EPEL's Earth Planetary Sciences Laboratory was quoted as saying in the Study. He, along with acclaimed scientists from China, Japan and Germany, performed a detailed analysis of the rock that had fallen in Moroccan desert years ago. Having studied the organic carbon traces from the Martian meteorite, the scientists concluded that the rock most definitely has a biological origin.

In a similar finding back in 1996, another Martian meteorite named ALH84001, which was found in the Allen Hills region in Antarctica, was said to strongly suggest that primitive life may have existed in Mars more than 3.6 billion years ago.