One of the most scandalous, yet addictive reality shows, "Married at First Sight" is returning to FYI on Tuesday, 13 October. However, instead of introducing three couples who are looking for a shot of meeting their soul-mate, the show will act as an eye into the lives of two popular couples from season 1 – Jamie Otis-Doug Hehner and Cortney Hendrix-Jason Carrion.

In the upcoming season of "Married at First Sight: The First Year", we see how the two couples have been faring since they got married on the show almost two years ago. In a preview clip from the show, we see Jamie and Doug, the most loved couple from the show, fighting over finances, while Cortney has a tough time dealing with the fact that her husband is quite popular with the ladies.

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Jamie feels that although Doug is in his 30s he is very irresponsible with money, and still depends on his parents despite taking responsibility and acting like an adult. However, Doug is not too happy with how his wife is treating him and this causes some rift between the couple.

Meanwhile, Jason who is a firefighter is getting sexy for the ladies who want to get their calendars autographed. Cortney shows up to the event unexpectedly, and the situation gets awkward when Jason gets handsy with the ladies. As Cortney puts it, "I don't really like sharing.. They can look, but they can't touch."

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"Married at First Sight: The First Year" will introduce a lovely new couple, Neph and Jasmine. Neph is Jason's best friend and he met his girlfriend in Las Vegas. She is planning to travel all the way from there just to be with Neph. It will be interesting to see how their love story plays out in the show, as we explore the relationships of Jamie-Doug Hehner and Cortney-Jason.

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