They were married for seventy years and united by possibly everything there is. Even in death, they stood united by sharing the same viral infection and chose to part from each other, while again being together.

Margaret & Derek Firth
Margaret & Derek Firth. Credit@MEN Media

Tributes haven't stopped pouring in for the couple Margaret and Derek Firth, both of whom died of Coronavirus at Trafford General Hospital. Both of them, 91 years of age, managed to see each other in hospital before passing away. The couple, from Partington, had been childhood sweethearts who fell in love at the age of 14 and went onto marry each other. The couple died in Trafford General Hospital after NHS staff brought them together so they could see each other for one last time.

The deceased couple, reportedly, has five children, 11 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. As per the interviews given by their daughter Barbara (50), both were admitted to separate hospitals with age-related health issues. Margaret caught Coronavirus and didn't have long left to live and that's when Derek Firth was brought in to see her. He caught Covid but the children said he wouldn't have it any other way.

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When they met to catch a final glimpse of each other, Margaret asked Derek, "Where've you been?" Margaret, reportedly, seemed to get better after the meeting since it seemed to lift her spirits. Derek died first on January 31, while Margaret passed away three days later. They married in May 1950.  As reported by Metro, Margaret was an enthusiastic 'bingo' player, she trained as a machinist and later worked as a cleaner at a school in Trafford. While Derek worked as a butcher and later became a storeman. The date of their funeral was yet to be confirmed but the family is hoping for a joint funeral. 

Endless tributes, for eternal love

In a century that is unfortunately also defined by eroding morals and increasing divorce rates, the couple's tale came as a breath of fresh air. Reinforcing youngsters' faith in the idea of bookish love that lasts a lifetime. Had it not been for the pandemic, could they have lived a few more years? Happily enjoying each other's company? The wistful speculation crossed many a hearts and posts too.

"As sad as the photo is, after a lifetime together, passing over together is something very touching," wrote a user.