The national lockdown may prevent people from moving out of their houses, meeting each other, and joining in public places. But not a marriage like this!

Meet the newly married couple from Mumbai and Delhi, who solemnly conducted their marriage, sans being the lockdown rule breakers.

wedding knot
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Lockdown plays a spoilsport for couple

29-year-old Mumbai-based merchant navy officer, Preet Singh, and Delhi girl Neet Kaur have proved that distance and the strict lockdown rules are no bar for them to cancel their wedding dreams.

April 4 was supposedly the day to mark the end of their one-year-long, long-distance relationship and to step together to their new life of a married couple.

While the lockdown is abruptly troubling much of the normal public life, the bride from Delhi and the Mumbaiwala groom did not want the lockdown to play a spoilsport.

Blessings bestowed by relatives

The couple stuck to their date fixed for the wedlock and in a unique and innovative ceremony, performed over a video calling app, they accepted each their vows as faithful husband and wife for the rest of their life.

The wedding ceremony did not miss any of their relatives' wishes and blessings either. Both the families and friends of the couple, joined the marriage function by logging in from across the world, including Dubai, Canada and Australia.


The couple are now happy about the unexpected manner of their 'unique' marriage. "We were heartbroken because we had been planning the wedding for six months. But every cloud has a silver lining and we found ours too. We got to have a unique wedding," said Preet. He also added that Neet will move in with him once the lockdown ends.

A 'grand' Indian wedding

Dressed in wedding finery, their families even broke into a dance at the end of the ceremony. The couple met online a year ago and started dating soon after. Preet said they decided to get married within six months.

It was Preet who came up with the idea of going ahead with the wedding and it wasn't much difficult for the bride and groom to convince the parents about the new idea.


The couple picked 11.30 am as it was convenient for everyone, from Canada, Australia and other parts of the globe, to drop in on time. The guest list that initially included 150 people, was now cut short to 50.