Gautam Gulati
Gautam GulatiGautam Gulati/ Instagram

Gautam Gulati is easily one of the most popular contestants of "Bigg Boss 8" and it is not hard to imagine why.

Rock solid abs, impeccable taste in fashion and straightforwardness are what his fans admire the most in him. With film offers in the pipeline, his stint on the high-voltage reality show has definitely given a much-need push to his career.

Although, Gautam is mostly shirtless flaunting the much talked-about 6-pack abs, viewers seem to have appreciated him more in his stylish clothes. "I have kids coming up to me and asking about the jackets and shoes Gautam wears in the show. They are curious to know where he has bought it from. And of course his body. They want to know how he has built his physique and want to emulate it," DNA quoted Mohit Gulati as saying.

This apart, the suave contestant has an ever-expanding female fanbase. From marriage proposals to romantic dates, Gautam was once warned by celebrity guest Varun Dhawan to be on guard once he leaves the show as the women are going ga ga over him.

Mohit, too, narrated how he is often asked by girls if Gautam would marry them. "Whenever I go to clubs, I have girls coming up to me and clicking pictures with me because I look like Gautam. They tell me they want to marry my brother," he said.

The entertainer tag is another aspect which has constantly fuelled his stint in the house to greater heights. From being on the wrong side of an overblown situation to topping the leader board, Gautam has indeed come a long way and this is what has kept his fans going.

"He started out as a villain and became a hero. He even provided the romantic angle (with Diandra Soares). He has haters, but the number of people who love him are overwhelming," stated Mohit.