It turns out that marriage is good for your heart. No, I am not talking about your emotions but literally one's heart, marriage actually benefits that. According to a new study report, growing old with a partner reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke.

According to a report published in the medical journal Heart, researchers have conducted a survey on more than two million people throughout the last two decades and found out that getting hitched actually helps to ward off the said troubles. The study included various people from Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia with various ethnicities.

The researchers found out that the divorced, widowed or unmarried people were 42 percent more likely to suffer from a cardiovascular disease and 16 percent more likely to develop coronary heart diseases than the happily married people living with their spouses. Likewise, the risk of dying was also less for the married couples.

"These findings may suggest that marital status should be considered in the risk assessment for cardiovascular disease," concluded the team. A researcher from the cardiology department of Britain's Royal Stoke Hospital, Chun Wai Wong was the chief of the study.

So basically, the study concludes that living together, even without getting married, is probably the operative factor here.

As per the researchers, to have someone around for taking care of one's health issues and reminding them to take their medicines on time is significant here. Also, two incoming heads or two pensioners instead of just one is a plus.

Previous research has also shown that married couples have lower rates of dementia compared to the non-married people.