"Marriage Boot Camp" is among the most unconventional couple therapies and people who are not cut out for this will see themselves drifting farther from their partners week after week. In the upcoming episode 7, "The Confession", Hank will open up to Kendra, but will the model be able to deal with what her husband has to share?

After going on "fun dates" with other couples' partners, a few of the boot camp mansion tenants, including Hank, experienced incredible breakthroughs. During the international tasting menu date that he went on with Tami, he was more communicative and patient than ever before. He showed visible improvement during the course of the show.

He was able to invoke so much trust in Tami that despite being blindfolded, she ate the international delights Hank fed her with no hesitation. She also apologised to him for "putting him on the spot" and making his wife Kendra feel threatened.

But Hank has an important confession to make and if Kendra is not able to handle that, the development of Hank's communication skills would mean nothing. In "The Confession", Hank will finally break his silence on the alleged infidelity with transgender model Ava London.

Late last year, a tape that featured Hank speaking to Ava, with whom he was cheating on Kendra, had surfaced. In it, Hank was heard saying he would "take care" of her. The affair was publicised by the media at the time and has been a subject of arguments between Kendra and Hank many times in the "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars" episodes. 

However, he is going to openly speak of the alleged affair for the first time in a "gut-wrenching" confession that will be aired by WE tv on Friday, 17 July, at 9.00 pm (EST). You can also find out if Kendra will be able to handle her husband's secret on WE tv Live.