Mario Kart 8
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Mario Kart 8 isn't really a new game; it has been around for almost a year now. However, the excitement and thrill related to the game is not dying down as we are still playing it, thanks to the amazing split-screen mode where you can race against your pals.

The game recently received a new DLC called Animal Crossing that now adds more tracks for players to master. The Animal Crossing DLC adds eight new locations to race in, and we have now jotted down a few tips and tricks that will help you out with all the features in this new DLC pack.

The Bell Cup

Ribbon Road: Just hit a number of boost panels, followed by taking a sharp right turn after jumping. If you can pull it off correctly, you should gain the lead in the race. There will be a few curves following that, where you need to activate boost drifting. Follow this and you shall end the race ahead of everyone.

Big Blue: Big Blue is a challenge that will offer a number of tight turns, but also boost pads to help you accelerate. It's better if you keep any kind of item in your inventory with which you can hit opponents going past you. You can collect coins by moving along the recharge pathways. For maximum speed, make sure you have at least 10 coins.

Super Bell Subway: Super Bell Subway is one of the fiddliest circuits that you will come across in the game. This is where you will also race to avoid all the trains running through a subway station. However, skilled drivers will take advantage of the situation and know that they can climb aboard raised platforms and eventually ride the trains. From there, you should come across a section with stairs that you should be able to jump off from. Keeping your momentum is absolutely imperative here.

Crossing Cup

Wild Woods: The Wild Woods circuit is easily one of the most beautiful tracks you will come across in Mario Kart 8. But, it's advised that you don't get carried away by the lush scenery around you and concentrate on corners and take advantage of every jump you come across. Later, when you see the tunnel with a water stream going down, make sure to get into the stream. That way you'll travel much faster.

Baby Park: This is a simple, oval-shaped track where you will be judged over as many as seven laps. There are a lot of tight corners here, and it's better to use drifting to escape these corners successfully. Remember to pick up power-ups as often as possible, as this will help you gain the lead over other opponents.

Animal Crossing: This track, as the name suggests, is located inside the Animal Crossing universe. This is a beachside section and there's a combination of a curve and a couple of jumps for you to master. While the race will be comparatively simpler compared to other tracks in the game, make sure you keep an eye out for Mr Resetti who can pop up from the ground as a distraction. But you should be able to locate him from far off and avoid him.

[Source: Prima Games]