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Mardaani 2

With the increasing rate of crime and rape in India, a film like Mardaani 2 is the need of the hour. Being a sequel to the 2014 original, top cop Shivani Shivaji Roy (Rani Mukerji) is back with a bang. This time she is more powerful, fearless and packs in some powerful punches and her dialogues are noteworthy.


Once again Rani Mukerji essays the role of Shivani, a Dabaang police officer, she is brilliant, no-nonsense policewoman who shatters male ego with ease and takes the reins in her hand.

Set in Kota, a local criminal hires a remorseless young Sunny (Vishal Jetwani) to do some work for a politician in the city. Sunny as a person is quite fragile and can't stand humiliation against him and can't see any woman better than him. One day Sunny sees a girl rebuking her boyfriend and since then he was fuming with fire and in a fit of the moment. Sunny tortures, rapes, and murders the girl as a punishment. This news in Kota spreads like wildfire and Shivani gets all furious and takes an oath that she will catch hold of the rapist as early as possible. Seeing Shivani talking about him at the press conference, Sunny in vengeance decides to show Shivani her place and from there on begins the journey of crime, brutality, tryst for peace and order between murderous maniacs and a strong-headed policewoman.


Rani Mukerji does it yet again. She steals the show with her acting profess and applaud worthy dialogues, without going over the top or high pitched. She captures the nuances of the character of a cop with panache. There is thin line she draws between being a policewoman and a woman at heart. Her emotions seeing the body of a rape victim is spine chilling and will move you. She is powerful, vulnerable, kick-ass and fearless.

The film's antagonist Vishal Jethwa is outstanding. He is confident, and apt for the role. The screen space is surely for Rani but Sunny shines like a diamond when he takes the center stage, his Rajasthani accent makes him a fine performer.


Writer-director Gopi Puthran sets the tone right from the first frame. The pace of the film is slow, dark and intriguing at every point. Set in Kota, the real locations used for the movie go with the topical topic. The first half and second half are equally engaging, gripping and gruesome to an extent that you are totally into the scenes. Thankfully there are no songs to disturb the ongoing screenplay. The dialogues are spine chilling from both the ends Rani's as well as Vishal's. The background score isn't too loud too. This makes it a good watch.


Being a female-centric film Rani's dialogue's are mostly against the patriarchy system, which makes it obvious at times and becomes male bashing.


Rani, in a khaki, takes the lead and impresses with her nail-biting act. The best part of Rani's role is despite Rani essaying the role of a tough cop, unlike other Bollywood tough lead role, she doesn't abuse for the sake of it, drinks or smokes just to portray a strong woman. Mardaani 2 is a must watch and it is certainly more intriguing and gripping than Mardaani 1.