Relationships are complex. Especially when it's under the limelight and involves just one parent. And such seems to be the case with Sanjay Dutt and his eldest daughter Trishala Dutt. While Trishala is staying far away from her father and step-mother, the space, it seems is much more than just about distance.

While father Sanjay Dutt has distanced himself from daughter Trishala Dutt and is more involved in the lives of his two kids with Manyata, the step-mother, Mrs Dutt, it seems is trying to mend the broken bridge between the two. And her latest social media PDA with Trishala is a proof of that. Two days after leaving emojis on Trishala's picture, Manyata Dutt has again reacted to another picture of hers. Trishala had shared a picture of herself in white attire and neatly tied hair. Manyata was among the first ones to comment and wrote, "lovely" on the picture along with a heart emoji.

Manyata – Trishala's equation

Sanjay Dutt, Trishala Dutt
Sanjay Dutt, Trishala DuttInstagram

It was speculated that things were not good between Manyata and Trishala when the latter didn't come to visit her or the children when Sanjay Dutt was serving his jail term. Two years back, Maanyata had headed to New York to spend time with Trishala and the pictures revealed the best time the (step) mother-daughter duo had in each other's company.

Maanyata even shared her first priceless selfie with Trishala on Instagram saying, "The lionesses...Dutt ladies in the house........New York times at its best #usa #dutts #funtime #love #grace #positivity #instagam #newyork #shenigans #girlsnight @trishaladutt" Whereas Trishala too posted many Snapchat videos with her mommy dearest.

Trishala Dutt
Trishala DuttInstagram

Sanju shutting the door on Trishala

Even though Trishala had said that things were fine between Sanjay Dutt and her, when she skipped wishing her father on his 60th birthday and even Sanjay reportedly didn't bother to wish his daughter on her birthday on August 10, gossipmills had started churning news of an alleged coldness between the two. Earlier, a Deccan Chronicle report had stated that Sanjay Dutt has taken this conscious decision to stay away from Trishala and her life. The report said, "It seems Sanju has shut the door on Trishala. They don't communicate at all. He has zero knowledge of what goes in her life. There is no connect, direct or indirect, between them."