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Director Phanindra Narsetti's Telugu movie Manu featuring Raja Goutham and Chandini Chowdary in the lead roles, has received positive review and rating from the audience.

Manu is a a mystery romantic thriller and director Phanindra Narsetti has written the script and dialogues for the movie, which has received A certificate from censor board. Its runtime is 3.02 hours.

Manu movie story: Manu (Raja Goutham) is a local artiste, who falls in love with photographer Neela (Chandini Chowdary). The two share a unique association — their relationship is the only bright spot in their lives and one that gives them hope. However, after Akbar, a tenant comes to Neela's house, things start getting a little strange.

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Jalapathy Gudelli‏ @JalapathyG

#Manu : A revenge story set in an island. Style over substance! Full of abstract, surreal elements and absurd ideas. Total bore! The only interesting part is romantic thread which is rehash of Yandamoori's #VennelloAadapilla

Manu‏ @Manu_Tweetz

Done with first half .. Title Card ..Director writing brilliance .. Explains about Samudhram. & importance of colour Black film making with Sounding .Everyone may not like it ..Depends on individual perception . It's good for me #Manu .. Will have to wait for second half

RohitBattepati‏ @rohitbattepati

#Manu - Perfect definition for a new age cinema. It's magical screenplay, retro feel, top notch background score makes the film stand out from the rest. Truly blown away for some of the scenes written by Phanidra Narisetty #Manu The unpredictable storytelling, intelligent screenplay by Phanindra Narisetty were too good.@iChandiniC was simply outstanding! Great talent! @RajaGoutham's comeback will truly get him enough traction. It was a great movie experience!

Teja Dandamudi‏ @sTejaDandamudi

#MANU #PhanendraNarsetti Very Artistic... Brilliant screen play... cinematography n BGM... #RajaGautham n @iChandiniC what a performance... I thoroughly enjoyed each and every scene, dialogue n detail... will definitely watch again...

SocialSaint‏ @isocialsaint

#Manu plays out in a very retro surrealistic world. You can't guess the next scene until the very end; such is the thriller #Manu. This is a highly intelligent and brain teaser that will have you guessing from beginning to end, even afterwards;A jaw-dropping mystery THRILLER How many of you tried hard to connect the dots of screenplay of a Telugu film before? If you weren't, you will. #Manu holds such typical non-linear screenplay (with two initially separate, parallel story-lines) which eats your brain. Literally! #Manu is NOT everyone's cup of tea! If you're a fan of mystery-thrillers; Nolan's type screenplay, Fincher's approach and Jean-Pierre's visual play then I'm sure it will stay with you for so long time. It manages to be new, fresh& exciting with an intriguing, ingenious twist #Phanindra is a kind of Director who thinks out of the box and breaks the boundaries in film-making. More than his short-films/feature film, his approach to cinema is something that speaks volumes about him. #Phanindra's approach to cinema! Why can't a short film filmed on a phone? - That's how Backspace took birth Why can't a short film's duration be 1hr? - That's how Madhuram took birth Why can't a feature film is funded by a crowd? - That's how #Manu took birth

Tanuj Mucherla‏ @TANUJ34803908

Just completed watching #Manu Must watch for a movie lover #PhanindraNarisetti screenplay level leaves out your mind to go crazy the way he narrated story in Non-linear way is AWE Long live Independent cinema

Sai Akhil‏ @Sai_Akhil666

#MANU pure art driven thriller love story.. It's quite tricky screenplay to decode .. Wonderful BGM and SOUND SYNC.. Totally a Director's exclusive.. Gift (only) for MOVIE LOVERS ❤❤ Tollywood is evolving again

sai srujan‏ @sai_pelluri

#Manu, Its pure brilliance of #PhanindraNarsetti Dont Miss this Movie on big screen, Bgm and SFX stands out... Screenplay Performances and Cinematography are Top Class Congratulations @NirvanaCinema @iChandiniC #ManuOnSep7 Still Unable to overcome the Experience of Watching #Manu Thank You @NirvanaCinemas and #PhanindraNarsetti for such an amazing experience #ManuOnSep7 #manuthefilm

Pradeep Dev‏ @pradeepdevd

#Manu a7s2 graded footage from sony is some of the best work I've seen out of a mirrorless camera. Something that younguns should look more into. #Manu color palette and mood perfected in DI. Very crisp image that's so pleasing to look at for 180 minutes. #Manu Manu and Neela sink into you so deep, it's hard to stay under that tent for too long. Goutham and chandini truly deserve to be called great Actors in this age where everyone wants to be a "Star"

Pruthvi‏ @PruthveshwarS

#Manu is probably d first film in a long time, since 1 Nenokkadine to be precise, 2 have this effect on me where I'm unable 2 articulate my opinion of it. Films like these R definitely very rare. Thank you @N_Phanindra sir fr the excellent screenplay & writing! @NirvanaCinemas I'm so hooked to Naresh Kumar 's score that I badly want @NirvanaCinemas to release the official tracks ASAP! Excellent sound crafting. Never in my sane mind did I think that such shots can be captured on a DSLR! Vishwanath man... Excellenté! Great one @iChandiniC . #Gowtham was so good as #Manu. John Kotooly and the rest of the cast

Aakhiles‏ @AkhileshVardhan

People talk about actors,story, music, direction nd etc in movie Bt for the vry 1st time 115 producers who made a dream come true are being spoken about Irrespective of the result #Manu is a winner. #Manu a Deep,Dark nd Disturbingly unique experience. Watch for ur self nd decide!

Sharat‏ @sherry1111111

First half done. Undoubtedly the cameraman is the hero of the film. Very good visuals and shot making . But, the narration is slow and some shots are repetitive. Thrillers are meant to be crisp but this one is not #Manu Second half first 40 min is a big ROD! Looks like director focused too much on shot making rather than story and screenplay. It's very boring - need a miracle from here #Manu

Shrawan‏ @ravester_2

#Manu is a missed opportunity where the director is firing on all cylinders but the screenplay is an unmitigated disaster. unnecessarily convuluted with out serving any purpose. Telivi anedi complicated vishayalani simple ga cheppadam lo untundi, not the other way around. #Manu but all things said and done this film is exquisitely crafted with breathtaking cinematography and shot composition, it provides an unique surrealistic take on an underwhelming story. Watch it for the production design if not for anything else. #Manu Is a love letter to the abstractness of life/death and an homage to the absolute nothingness of the void.

shri lethargic‏ @swaroop_19

Goutham is super cool and lovable, taking criticism with a smile. Terrific screen presence. Many liked the film #Manu