Telugu movie "Mantra 2" featuring Charmee Kaur (also spelt as Charmi or Charmy) in the lead, has received negative reviews from film critics, who are upset with the poor direction. 

"Mantra 2" is a suspense thriller and the sequel to director Tulasi Ram's 2007 hit movie "Mantra". The movie is about a Vizag-based software engineer named Mantra, who shifts to Hyderabad after landing a job. When unidentified goons attempt to murder her, she seeks help from his friend, ACP Vijay (Chetana Cheenu). What happens next forms the crux of the movie.

Critics say Charmee Kaur's performance is the only saving grace in "Mantra 2". They have criticised director SV Sateesh for the movie's mediocre story, lacklustre screenplay, poor characterisation and average production values. They feel the sequel is no match for "Mantra".

123Telugu Ratings: 2.25/5

Mantra 2 is a huge let down from the successful franchise. Except for Charme's star appeal, this film has neither the thrills nor the so called interesting suspense elements. A complete disappointment for all those who go in with certain expectations. Ignore it even when it comes on television.

AP Herald Ratings: 1

Tollywood has steadily been bunging us with different genre films – purportedly horror but super giddy to the point of mirth films. Mantra 2 perfectly fits into this category. The sequel does nothing to further the franchise nor does it feature talented cast (other than charmee) enough to help the film succeed on dramatic merit alone. All in all, Mantra sequel was purely made to cash on the genre fan base and on the name of the successor. Nothing much.

Chitramala Ratings: 1

Mantra 2 doesnt have even half the impact of Mantra.

Telugu Square Ratings: 2.5

The first half of the film wanders without much story and a small twist during interval ends the second half has some suspense scenes and a flashback too. However the director failed to highlight the climax scene due to lack of experience . Mantra 2 does not live up to its expectations, the story and narration are pretty poor with illogical killing and other stuff. Overall Mantra 2 is a complete disappointment for audience who love watching thrillers.

TollywoodOne Ratings: 2/5

Though Charmee tried on her best to make bank the movie to the shore, nothing else supported her. She alone is the main attraction of the film to watch out for. On the whole, Mantra 2 is not an engaging thriller like the original Mantra. Final Verdict : Not even half good as Mantra.