Ajay Devgn's much-awaited Bollywood movie "Drishyam" starring Shriya Saran and Tabu in important roles, has garnered positive reviews from the audience in the premiere show on Thursday night.

Directed by Nishikant Kamat, "Drishyam" is a Hindi remake of director Jeethu Joseph and Mohanlal's blockbuster Malayalam movie with the same that has already been remade in Telugu, Kannada and Tamil. All the versions proved to be successful both critically and commercially. The film is a suspense thriller drama written by Jeethu Joseph.

Besides writing the dialogues, Upendra Sidhaye has adapted the screenplay for the Hindi version of "Drishyam". The story of the film is about Vijay Salgaonkar (Ajay Devgn), who runs a cable TV network in a remote village in Goa. How he takes desperate measures to save his family from an unexpected crime will form the crux of the story.

The script is the hero and main highlight of "Drishyam". Ajay Devgan, Shriya Saran, Tabu and Rajat Kapoor's performances, Vishal Bhardwaj's soundtracks, Sameer Phatarpekar's background Score and Avinash Arun's cinematography are other big attractions of the film.

After watching the movie, many viewers took to their Twitter page to share their on it. We bring bring you some urique comments. Here is the live update of 'Drishyam' movie review by audience.

Faridoon Shahryar ‏@iFaridoon

Nishikant Kamath's #Drishyam is unique storytelling at its best.You know what happened but u r fooled in2 believing something else.Wow!! Jeethu Joseph's story n Upendra Sidhaye's screenplay r like bow n arrow that aimed 4 a solid target n achieved it Victoriously #Drishyam Ajay Devgn shall be in reckoning 4 another National Award with this performance.His moist eyes internalise humongous emotions!! #Drishyam Devgn's muscles never flex but the brain muscles function masterfully.Observe his body language n marvel at the king of subtlety!! #Drishyam Tabu is a giant of an actress.Her ferocious energy combined with motherly vulnerability makes 4 a deadly combo.She's a Riot! #Drishyam intrigues,lulls u into disbelief,tugs at ur emotional chords n stuns u with ingenious storytelling. Do urself a favor..Watch it!!

Rahul | फिलमि टैलस | ‏@TahilaniRahul

Just watched #Drishyam & its totally a worth watch , the film will keep you hooked towards it! Massive Performances by @ajaydevgn #Tabu #Drishyam is a treat for all @ajaydevgn & #Tabu Fans , with this he proved that action speaks louder than words. 'Visuals can be Deceptive' I cn say this time @ajaydevgn is phenomenal with his eyes & gestures, he proved action speak louder than words.

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

#Drishyam (Hindi) as Good as its Original Version (Malayalam) .. Fantastic performance from all the lead characters .. Must watch !! 4/5 Spl Mention for @ajaydevgn & #Tabu .. Standout performances #Drishyam Original Writer: Jeethu Joseph (Creator of this Excellence)

Raman Gupta ‏@ttraman

Watched #Drishyam yesternight, what a film, superb performances by all #Salute to the legends of film industry @ajaydevgn @shriya1109 #Tabu The hangover of the #Drishyam still in mind & thinks how a family can be unite in any position. Superb screenplay & story #Hatsoff to all

Tarun Nangia ‏@Tarunnangia

#Drishyam is one of the best movies that came out India in the recent times, it is gripping, intense and keeps you engaged @ajaydevgn

Meryl Sebastian ‏@manicpopsicle

#Drishyam Tabu should be hero and villain in every film! Transplanting story location would have been successful had it not been for the spanking new house with its Fab India furnishings. #Drishyam Apart from sets, Ajay Devgn & Shriya Saran's clothes distractingly new & fashionable. Screaming opposite of ordinary, middle class #Drishyam Hindi #Drishyam slicker & smoothens rough edges of the Malayalam one but ends up making dramatic scenes boring. Had problems with set up of conflict in original #Drishyam which blatantly plays into Kerala's obsessive fear-mongering reg women and safety only added to existing narrative of keeping women safe by corralling them in homes, allowing man any recourse in protecting their 'honour' Also played into fear of things not native incl. strangers (blackmailer was green-eyed guy), new tech (internet, smartphones) #Drishyam Hindi #Drishyam drinking game: Shots every time a character says 'Chauthi fail, gawaar, anpadh' & 'main ek maa hoon/ tum ek maa ho'


On #GuruPurnima must watch #Drishyam. Loved premiere show yesterdayFather is natural guru even though he may not have had formal education.

Agatha jha ‏@AgathaJha

@ajaydevgn #Drishyam is a fantastic film.I m speechless by each one's performance! U r a fabulous actor!Mystery continued till end.

Rahul Raut ‏@RahulrazFilmy

There was a big pressure for #Drishyam as it is the remake of big succeed South movie but Nishikant Kamat has presented it so brilliantly. No word for #Tabu. First #Haider and now #Drishyam. OMG!! She is doing what she failed to do in the early days of her career. Salute. Overall, #Drishyam is that kind of film which rarely made in Bollywood. It will force you to think and care. Must watch. 4/5*

LIVING THE MOMENT ‏@Bollywoodlovah

#Drishyam should NOT BE MISSED,a complete enjoyable thriller with a powerful performances from @ajaydevgn & Tabu. Overall (4/5)

Aakash Taleda ‏@Aakash_Khiladi

My review for #Drishyam - Superb, outstanding, mind blowing.. Hats off @ajaydevgn One hell of acting.. Planning to watch it again. #Driysham Privileged enough to watch #Drishyam in preview show.. @ajaydevgn Even if it doesn't gross 100 cr.. Am damn sure 100cr people will like u..

Haris Mirza ‏@Mirza_pk

#Drishyam the real story & common problem which each family in #India is facing. A rape is unexpected guest parents welcome unexpectedly.

Anku Pande Chibb ‏@ankupande

Want to be totally engrossed in a film. Sucked into it. From beginning to end. Want full on entertainment. Then watch #DRISHYAM

Mandar Kulkarni ‏@mandarjkulkarni

#drishyam a wonderfully well executed plot...which keeps you hooked up till the last moment .... brilliantly shot by @avinasharun20

Shiva Satyam ‏@AsliShiva

Its interval and #Drishyam is fantastic till now @ajaydevgn & @shriyasaran wins our heart and now their will be entry of #Tabu.

Bollywood ‏@BollywoodROUTE

#Drishyam Review: Remake of South ..intense movie ,2nd half drags a bit and Ajay devgn has done a fantastic job..Music Average. #Drishyam Don't expect comedy or entertainment or a catchy songs. It's an intense drama with good acting by all..3*/5* #Drishyam runs in the similar pace as Aamir Khan's Talaash.

Aditi Raval ‏@RJADITI

#Drishyam film is strictly for a Tabu or @ajaydevgn fan, Baaki climax saaro chhe pan tya sudhi besvu aghru... Slow & Lenghty!! (2.5/5) #Drishyam is a one time watch only if you are a diehard #fan of #Tabu or #ajaydevgan

Swapnil kisan Joshi ‏@SwapnilJO

#Drishyam watte movie!! All marks to script! Wanted2 watch since I heard abt Malayalam version. @ajaydevgn @DrishyamTheFilm