Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to hold his "Mann Ki Baat" programme and his address to the nation is live streamed online on different platforms of the Government of India.

"Mann Ki Baat" will air its last episode of the year 2015 and the broadcast of the programme will start at 11.00 am on Sunday (27 December). On Saturday evening, Narendra Modi himself took to his Twitter handle to inform the country about the details of his last public address of the year. The Prime Minister of India tweeted, "This year's final #MannKiBaat tomorrow at 11 AM. See you tomorrow!"

Modi also posted a picture with details of the platforms where people of the country can listen to his speech live. As per the poster, "Mann Ki Baat" is aired live on Radio channels like All India Radio Network, MW, SW, Vividh Bharati, FM Gold, FM Rainbow, LRS etc. This programme will be telecast on TV channels like DD National, DD News, DD Bharati and DD India.

"Mann Ki Baat" will be available on Narendra Modi mobile app and All India Radio live android mobile app. All DTH platforms C&S private TV News channels and private FMs in India may also broadcast this programme. It will also be aired on the official websites of the Government of India. Click on any of the following tabs to listen to his speech live: Narendra Modi | All India Radio | News On Air | PM India Webcast | Akashvani Air

Narendra Modi's "Mann Ki Baat" was first broadcast on air 3 October 2014 and the programme will have its 15th episode telecast live on air on Sunday. The government's open discussion forum has reportedly received over 3,000 submissions. Hundreds of people have recorded their views and questions through a toll-free phone number. People are expected ask about the PM's surprise visit to Lahore in radio the interaction.