Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to share his thoughts on his demonetisation policy and its benefits and other issues through the 26th edition of his monthly Mann ki Baat programme.

The 26th edition of Mann ki Baat is set to be broadcast on the entire network of All India Radio, Doordarshan and Narendra Modi App from 11 am on Sunday. Akashvani will broadcast this programme in regional languages immediately after the Hindi broadcast. Their will be a repeat broadcast of the same at 8 pm on Sunday. You can give a miss call on 1922 to hear Mann Ki Baat on your mobiles.

Eighteen days have passed after Narendra Modi announced his move of banning currency notes of high denomination of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000. Though it created lots of problems to the public, the people across the country have supported his move and waited patiently queues in for hours everyday to do their cash transaction.

Now, the people of the country are eager to hear to some good news from Narendra Modi in his Mann ki Baat programme. They want to know the stats of the demonetisation policy and benefits that is going to the public, especially poor and middle class people. In this edition, the Prime Minister is also expected to talk about cashless economy.

The Prime Minister has invited people to share their ideas on the official website of the Indian government. Over 5,000 have sent hundreds of suggestions on this website. However, demonetisation is the common issue to which most of the suggestions are related. Here are some comments taken from the website.

DEEPAK PALARIA: Honourable Prime Minister,I have suggestion for 'CASHLESS INDIA'.... Please put expiry date on currency note 3 years on big notes(500, 2000) and 5 years on small notes(100, 50, 20, 10.... this will prevent people to stock currency notes at home or lockers and they start prefering to deposit money at banks...

Narendra Modi's Mann ki Baat
Mann ki Baat 26th edition - Live streaming: Prime Minister Narendra Modi likely to talk about demonetisation. Pictured: Narendra Modi's Mann ki BaatTwitter/PMOIndia

Kripal singh panwar: Dear p.m. please express your sorrow for those who lost their children, family members and close relatives due to demonetisation and please announce compensation and give punishment to the responsible people like hospitals who refuse to give treatment to them.

Prabhakar Buddaram: Respected PM ji, my suggestion about the current demonetization issue is to increase the use of card money and the e-money is to provide an 0.5 percent tax waiver for whoever uses the card money or e-money. Thank you

DIXIT BHUDIA: Hello sir for DIGITAL CASHLESS MONEY i am giving one best idea. on next sunday i want u to announced that all (whole country) college and university should remain open and students should teach each and every people of near by village about how to make payment using app there are around 30 lakh engineering students so it will be grt reform .These is the only time where people are depride to learn how to do that afterwards it will be of no use again everything will go in cash

Sanjay Vig: Dear PM most of property in secondary market is purchased for more money than registered value. Market survey of prevalent rates v/s registered value be carried out and property purchased in last 10 years be Scrutinised.

Apoorva Sharad: Humble request: people who can use plastic money should go for it instead of going to banks and making crowd bigger.We should leave cash for rural people as they can't use plastic money or go to POS enabled shops or use app based groceries for their daily needs.Today most of towns in India has app based groceries and P.O.S. enabled stores, shopping malls,etc Villages don't have it. Hence don't be panic at banks support for nation building.

MAHINDER KUMAR: All the revenue like vat or service tax should directly credited in govt deptt. Currently, it is collected by dealer or service provider and than he deposits to the govt . Instead ,if govt acknowledges /collects taxes itself then transparency will be there .

Hiteshbhai Prajapati: To reduce pollution and saving revenue first of all take decision that all personal vehicles like cars,2 wheeler are must be use petrol or gas , stop producing diesel cars ,allow diesel only in agriculture needs& commercial vehicles. then remove subsidy from petrol,gas. give subsidy in diesel .so due to zero subsidy in petrol,gas all persons try to use public transport. due to subsidy in diesel, transportation charges &dearness will reduce,so less (traffic,pollution,accident) save revenue .

Anju Rana: Dear& Respected Modi ji. Please make an account with various options like Army,Farmers etc. where we can donate for our favourite cause.We want to donate .Our govt will never face shortage of money.We want to donate for families of shaheeds .little amounts from so many people will become huge amounts.

Amit Sudhakar Gaikwad: Dear sir, you have taken bold decision to wrap black money from economic by demonetisation..Implementation is not going well due to heavy cash cruch. Are you excepecting from all people to use mobile banking , paytm all this cashless transaction facility..but my suggestion is starts from government departments them

1. All government hospital should have facility to pay from debit card or credit card..should have pos..

2..same facility should have in pvt hospital..

3.government transport buses , train ..should have facility of cashless transaction..conductor of buses should have pos..

4..All krishi seva kendra must have that farmers can pay through their jan dhan ac debit card..

5..pos installation process must be smoothen so that small vendors can easily get pos.. dout cashless transaction in government departments minimise corruption..

7..starts from government departments people will become happy