Maniesh Paul, Marathi film Hrudayantar
Maniesh Paul in Marathi film Hrudayantar. Pictured: Manish Paul at Shahid Kapoor-Mira Rajput ReceptionVarinder Chawla

TV host and actor Maniesh Paul features in a short film titled Hichki, meaning hiccups. He says the idea behind the film was to create a little awareness.

Manish says his short film is about "this character who keeps getting hiccups", adding that "it is said that (if you) take that person's name who misses you and the hiccup stops."

He shared a few details about the plot. The film, he says, is about a character who goes to buy groceries one day, and suddenly a name crosses his mind and his hiccups stop.

"That is when he remembers that there was a boy on the road who he would keep giving groceries, and because of the lockdown he has not been able to go to that boy. Then he recalls that boy was remembering him," Manish added.

The film is about "how we become selfish" and how people "keep thinking about themselves but there are so many people on the roads about whom we don't even think about". The film is directed by Kulish Kant Thakur and also stars Mukti Mohan. It was launched by Amitabh Bachchan on his social media.

"It feels great that Bachchan sir has launched the film on his social media. I am very happy and thrilled. I think I am one of his biggest fans. I have always been a fanboy of Bachchan sir and the way he supports is amazing. I can't thank him in words. I am on cloud nine," Maniesh told IANS.