A screen-grab of the Twitter conversationTwitter

Anyone who was following the Mars Orbit Insertion on Wednesday on ISRO's Twitter handle were to witness a galactic conversation between NASA's Curiosity Rover and India's Mangalyaan.

The Curiosity Rover, that has been on the Red Planet for more than two years welcomed newbie Mangalyaan with a characteristic Indian 'Namaste'.

Here's what scientists at NASA tweeted -

Mangalyaan, which entered the Martian orbit on Wednesday, greeted Curiosity in an American lingo, with a friendly "Howdy"

Twitterati were obviously in splits over the humour and camaraderie between the two space stations on behalf of their Martian representatives. 

"Loving the tweets from MOM! Too cute!," said one, while another said, "this @MarsOrbiter is the most kickass twitter handle to be launched out of india, ever! :) go check its tweets."

Scientists at ISRO further tweeted for the new space hero Mangalyaan, saying 

Thousands of people around the world were following every step of the Mars Orbit Insertion as it happened through Twitter and Facebook.