While controversial show "Bigg Boss 9" has completed half of its journey, viewers must be speculating as to who might be taking away the trophy this season.

However, it looks like Kamaal R Khan, also known as KRK, already knows who the winner of "Bigg Boss 9" is. KRK, who calls himself No.1 critic, has claimed that Mandana Karimi will win the show.

Since the beginning of the show, Mandana has been grabbing the spotlight for her carefree attitude and not following the rules of the house. She has been termed 'fake' by the housemates as well as viewers. However, despite these setbacks, Mandana has been going strong in the show.

Recently, Prince Narula also predicted that Mandana will be one among the top finalists of the season when "Bigg Boss 9" host Salman Khan asked him to name five contestants who according to him will make it to the top positions on the show.

Prince named himself, Keith Sequeira, Mandana, Kishwer Merchantt and Rochelle Rao as the five strongest contestants who will survive inside the house.

Meanwhile, in the last episode, Mandana surprised all when she turned violent against the housemates. It all started when Prince took the cap given to Mandana by Salman and wore it. This irritated Mandana and she told the inmates not to touch her personal belongings.

Priya added fuel to fire and said that Mandana had once taken away Rishabh's belongings. This further infuriated Mandana, who took off the devil horns worn by Priya and broke them. She fought with not just Priya but the other inmates.