Saturday night came to a close with yet another interesting episode of "Bigg Boss 9".

Spreading the Christmas cheer, host Salman Khan indulged in a fun activity with the contestants. Rishabh Sinha was made to flash a bunch of objects placed on a table next to a Christmas tree laden with stockings, and the rest were asked whom they would gift it to. Dog collar, glycerin bottle, broken hearts and stone were some of the items among many others. 

The superstar quickly moved to questioning Prince Narula about the choices he made during the gamble task. He asked if Keith Sequeira and Nora Fatehi for the 'pole round' was a wise pick or he did so because he shares a special relationship with the latter?

The captaincy task was heavily criticised by the "Sultan" actor as he thought it was not very prudent of some of the celebs to let go of it easily as it comes with immunity. Later, he praised Kishwer Merchantt's strategy and condemned Mandana Karimi's act of charity, in which she gave up the opportunity to lead the house for the coming week.

He also scrutinised the Iranian beauty's border line racist comment in which she tells Priya Malik to return to Australia. The "Kya Kool Hai Hum 3" actress, in a fit of rage, also said how she doesn't need or appreciate any credit from anyone, Salman and Bigg Boss included. Responding to it, the host said no one was giving her any.

Rochelle Rao, Rishabh and Priya have so far been declared safe and according to social media buzz Gizele Thakral has been evicted from the show. The upcoming episode awaits some fun as Salman will be seen entering the house to celebrate a very special 50th birthday.