'Mana Kurralle' Review Roundup: A Message-Oriented Film With Poor Execution
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"Mana Kurralle", which marks the comeback of "Gudumba Shankar" fame director Veera Sanker, has released in theatres on 1 January and received mixed reviews from the film critics.

Set in the backdrop of 2007, "Mana Kurralle" marks a period of real estate and software boom. The story depicts the lives of young men and women, who come from their villages to Hyderabad and how the city life has an impact on them. How they fight to preserve their roots forms the essence.

Arvind Krishna and Rachana Malhotra have played the lead roles in "Mana Kurralle", while Rao Ramesh, Shruthi Raj, Raj Kalyan, Srinivas Reddy, MS Narayana and Krishnudu are in the supporting cast. Director S S Rajamouli has done an important cameo in the film.

Seven musicians including Raaz, Guru Kiran, Manomurthy, GK, Siva Kakani, Mohan Johna and Bheems have composed music for "Mana Kurralle". The film has Mujeer Malik's cinematography, Basva Paidireddy's editing, Veera Sanker's script and KV Ramana's art direction.

Film critics have all praise for Veera Sanker for neatly packaging entertainment quotient along with a message to the viewers in "Mana Kurralle".

Here are some film critics' verdicts and ratings for the movie:

IndiaGlitz Rating: 2

A film that certainly would have passed muster had it released years ago. Portraying the same ideology in a nuanced and imaginative manner might have got it many audience.

Gulte Ratings: 2.15

While the first half primarily runs with elements of romance, some comedy and action, the second half is more on a serious and emotional note but with good doses of entertainment. Besides this, the movie offers a sensible message. Most importantly, the film has not deviated from the formula of a commercial entertainer and it has been blended in the right proportion.

BharatStudent Ratings: 3

The film comes at a time when a lot is happening regarding land pooling and few issues revolve around the IT revolution and real estate boom. The first half goes on a lighter note with elements of comedy, some romance, action and drama. The interval bang was promising and the second half was filled with emotional melodrama and some sentiment scenes. Overall, the film had good energy and it runs smoothly. At the box office, this would appeal more to the B, C centers along with the commercial audience. This has enough potential to reach the success mark with word of mouth publicity.

CineJosh Ratings: 2

"Mana Kurralle" is a poorly executed film with substantial message. Problem lied in hitting the right note at right time. As a writer, Veera Shankar work is noticeable and as a director, he is dejected and miserable. Commercially, there are no hopes.

TeluguCinema Ratings: 2

"Mana Kurralle" is sincere attempt with good content with social cause but poorly made.