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Cindy's post after figuring out how the menstrual cup landed inside the rice bag.Facebook/Breastmilk Jewellery

The fact that most men are completely clueless and seemingly less informed when it comes to menstruation and menstrual products, has never been proven better than this one hilarious incident.

Meet proud mommy Cindy Hobbs, whose husband made the extremely unfortunate mistake of scooping out rice for the family's dinner using a menstrual cup, which he mistook for a measuring cup.

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Cindy was fully aware that her toddler had been meddling with the device and left it somewhere in the kitchen, but she was unaware how the thing had landed in the bag of rice. It was then that she decided to text her husband: "What is this doing in the rice?"

All calm and composed, her husband seemed to respond, "I used it to measure the rice last night," followed by, "It said three cups of rice."

If only he knew.. The poor man had no idea that a bag of rice is definitely not where that tiny little cup goes in. And even though the general public can give him the benefit of doubt, Cindy chose to respond to that saying, "It's my menstrual cup you d*** pod!"

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Facebook/Breastmilk Jewellery
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Facebook/Breastmilk Jewellery

Things got even cringier as her husband wrote back, "Menstalony soup?" The poor guy probably meant minestrone, so that's strike number two.

Cindy first shared her story on the Breast Milk Jewellery Facebook page and later revealed to the outlet Scary Mommy that it was her daughter who had brought the cup to the kitchen, and the mother of three got distracted and left the cup on the countertop by accident, leading to the unfortunate series of events.

"Just so happened I placed it right next to the rice he had sitting there," her comment on the Facebook post read, assuring, "It was clean by the way."

She also told the outlet that it didn't take long for her to realise how viral her post had gone. It even gave her a "what the hell have I done" moment; but, eventually, she decided to just bask in the glory of amusement.

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Cindy Hobbs.Facebook/Breastmilk Jewellery

She also shared how her husband was initially "horrified" upon realising the exact purpose of the cup he had accidentally used but eventually grew accustomed to the funny side of things.

"My husband is BAD in the kitchen and I should have never trusted him," admitted Cindy. "He can't cook at all, he burns toast, makes lumpy gravy, butchers fried eggs... he's hopeless," she continued.

But worry not about familial feuds. Cindy also added, "But he's constantly making me laugh and I wouldn't have him any other way."